BIG DOOD CARDIO and Bench Press Nationals Training

BIG DOOD CARDIO and Bench Press Nationals Training

Jun 21, 2014


Sunday –
Equipped Bench Press 465 x4 @7 465 x7 @7 465 x5 @7
Close Grip Bench Press 185 x15
Shoulder Complex

Monday – CARDIO 30 min

4 Board Press 315 x20 @7
Bent Rows 60s x3x20
Curls 40s/35s/30s/25s x20

DB Bench Press 60s+2Light Bands x27,14,12
Triceps Extensions 95 x3x12 DB
Chest Flyes 55s x3x15

Wednesday – CARDIO 30 min

Bench Press 240 (50 total reps)
Bent Rows 60s x3x20
Curls 40s/35s/30s/25s x20

DB Military Press (Sitting on flat bench) 60s x15,15,10,10
Log Bar Bench Press 155 x15, 175 x15, 185 x15 DB
Chest Flyes 55s x3x15

Friday – CARDIO 30 min



I’ve successfully went from 24% body fat (post surgery appetite and lack of training for several months) to 16% in about 15 weeks.  Much of the fat loss is due to what I put in my mouth and what I didn’t, but the other factor is the frequency and type of cardio that I perform weekly.  I like to keep things simple since I had to start from scratch and attempt to make a strong and healthy comeback to national and international level bench pressing. I perform cardio 3 times per week between my weight training days.  These short sessions last anywhere from 30-45 mins and don’t include evening walks with my wife we take every so often.  

The days that I have been doing the cardio are Monday-Wednesday-Friday.  I typically use a treadmill or an elliptical.  I’ll put 31-32 minutes on the machine for 30sec to 2 minute intervals.   Basically what I am doing is a form of HIIT, or more popularly High Intensity Interval Training.

The first (down) interval is relatively easy and is described as being an easy to brisk walk. The second (up) interval is much harder and is described as a medium, fast, or sprint type run.  Depending on the length of interval.

If I choose a 30 second fast ‘up’ interval, the slower ‘down’ interval matches the ‘up’ interval of 30 seconds.
If I choose a 1 minute fast ‘up’ interval, the slower ‘down’ interval matches the ‘up’ interval of 1 minute.
If I choose a 2 minutes fast ‘up’ interval, the slower ‘down’ interval matches the ‘up’ interval of 2 minutes.
So there is a 1:1 ratio between the ‘up’ and ‘down’ interval. 

It actually pretty easy.  It is difficult at first, but you’ll be surprised at how much easier it gets.  For a less impactful version, are a big person just starting, just stick to the elliptical.  However, if you want something a bit more functional start with running on a treadmill or outside.  There is no excuse.  You don’t need a gym membership when the outdoors is free and you have a pair of legs.

The beauty of this is that you will start at your own pace.  You can walk as slow as you need for the ‘down’ interval and as fast as you want on the ‘up’ interval.  It wasn’t easy when I started doing this at 270lbs, now 253lbs and with much less body fat my body has acclimated to the stress of HIIT cardio training.

If you are worried about keeping time running outside, there are several time keeping interval apps on most app stores for smartphones.  That way your phone can tell you when to start/stop your intervals.

Until nexttime, Good Luck.  Stay strong, stay safe, and put some intelligence into your training. -Brady Brady Stewart Bench Press

Brady Stewart has been a competitive powerlifter and bench press specialist since 2001. While he has had much success in full raw powerlifting as a former OPEN American USA Powerlifting Squat, Bench, and Total Record Holder (242lbs), surprisingly, Brady’s forte is single-ply IPF bench pressing. Brady has been a member of 3 USA World Bench Press Teams (IPF), a USA World Bench Press Team Gold Medalist (IPF 2009), and the 2013 USA Bench Press National Champion (264lbs). Brady’s best press to date is 322.5kgs (710.9lbs) making him the strongest and highest rated bench presser in the history of USA Powerlifting in Illinois and the second lightest man to bench press over 700lbs in USA Powerlifting. Brady is the owner of, dedicated to promoting drug free strength athletics.


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