Big Man in a Little Car

Big Man in a Little Car

Mar 29, 2014


^^Tighter than an Overkill bench shirt!  The Volt is the replacement for my Hybrid Tahoe…

It has been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to write my weekly (or more) blog.  Not to worry, I have a few interesting bits coming soon!  The challenge, as I’m sure many of you also experience, is that tidal wave of work and other obligations that catch up when you least expect it and additional (shall I call them ‘character builders?’) issues pile on.

I had a number of technical papers due on electric machine insulation life and forensics for an upcoming engineering conference.  In addition, during my off-hours I run websites for these same technical organizations and publish (books, eBooks, etc. such as ‘Ernie Frantz’s Ten Commandments of Powerlifting’).  During the day I am the VP of Engineering and Repair Services for a large electric machine company in which I consult to… well, you get the idea.  Every once in a while I then also get to don my cape and lift heavy things and participate in a lot of fun stuff!


So, ‘Ernie Frantz’s Ten Commandments of Powerlifting’ was finally released after printing delays of three months.  Scramble to market and meet book award deadlines (it has been nominated for multiple publishing awards).  That gets tied in with the past due technical papers, consulting work, new company projects, being ‘meetinged to death’, and upcoming state meet and struggling to prepare for coming in with an Overkill shirt, and… KABLOOEEYYY!  Transportation failure to an extreme – yeah, get taxes done too, but that was actually a happy occasion this year.


I get through all of the above and my faithful Hybrid Tahoe (at over 110,000 miles of really cool adventures!) to limp along as new leaks spring, the engine is rebuilt and all kinds of new noises that start to appear!


^^ Margaret, Branka, Melissa and Ernie Frantz selling and signing books

The APF/AAPF Illinois State Powerlifting Championships (March 15-16, 2014) was fantastic with over 150 lifters in two days on two platforms (start at 9 and finish by 5 each day!).  Several beautiful ladies assisted at the Ernie Frantz signing which allowed me to run video of both platforms (two cameras running), handle technical difficulties with scoring computers and projectors, train a few new scorers, fill in on the scoring table… oh, and compete.  I really don’t recommend multi-tasking and competing at the same time!  I did to bench only and because my handler had to take a judging spot, it was decided that I would use my old loose metal shirt which I had only put on the Friday before for an attempt.  Yeah, bad idea.  Kept it light and ended with a 463lb successful attempt.

In any case, the whole thing went off really well – thanks to great staff and patient lifters!  I spent the next week compiling the videos ( I then ran off to do some workshops and beat my head repeatedly against concrete… I mean… participate in meetings.  Geesh, my ass definitely got a workout!!!


^^Hanging with the Lillibridges at the Illinois State meet

Well, I decided, seeing as I learned how to squeeze into an Overkill shirt in training, perhaps I can squeeze into a smaller vehicle.  After all, I was on the team that designed the Hybrid Tahoe and Volt.  So, I have no gone from a very large and roomy Tahoe to a lower to the ground and, actually not too bad, plug-in hybrid.  Yep, it is taking a PhD to sort through all the cool technology!  Even better, all my powerlifting gear fits with just enough room left for the driver!


^^^Gym selfie because… well, because I can!

Time to move on with less stress!



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