Brady hits a 720lbs bench press in training

Brady hits a 720lbs bench press in training

Oct 9, 2012

Monday Training

Equipped Bench Press
495 x3 @7
585 x2 @7
635 x1 @8
685 x1 @9
720 x1  @10 PR!!!  Video Below

720 x3

685 x3

240 x5x10

35s x3x12

Triceps Extensions
Various x3x10-15

5 Exercises x 30-50 reps



RDLs x3x10
Shrugs x3x15
ABS x3x30
Curls x6x12

AND I AM SPENT!  After yesterday’s big bench session, I am beat. What I find really hard to do is to get to sleep on the nights that I lift really heavy.  I can’t wind down.  When I eventually do, sleep is very light and I am always in and out of it.  Makes for a really tiring and annoying night.

On the other hand, I hit a good PR with the 720.  I am wondering if I need to add another 5-10lbs to the bar for next week.  I think the extra weight will help a bit.  The IPF 120k World Record is 325k, 720 is around 326.5k.  Good to know that there is more in me. As long as I can stay healthy, I’ll be knocking on that WR door very soon.  Just need to technically get better and better.  The weight is not intimidating anymore.  This is good for me.

I’d like to give some shouts out to my training partners.  These guys are the absolute best.  Shaun Bales, Dana Rosenzweig, Joshua Hunt, Shane Hopkins, and Mike Lawson.  These guys are there every week and always help out.  I look for Shaun to bench well into the 600s.  The other day he handled 695 pretty well.  Shane could be a 600lb bencher if he can stay consistent in the gym.  I’d like the BWC to be the premier USAPL Bencher’s club in the country.  Gotta get these guys hitting heavier weights.



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