Brady Stewart Video Log

Brady Stewart Video Log

Jul 8, 2016

I may try something a bit new.  I am thinking about starting up a video log instead of posting my training.  I feel I’ll be able to share more and in a shorter time.  I may chronicle my training for the US Bench Press Nationals.  Aiming to win back to back open championships.  Its never an easy task.

I am open for suggestions and topics.  Would love to be more engaging and personal with the viewers/readers.

Also, Berserker Strength Radio is HAPPENING.  Be on the lookout for our newest adventure coming up within the next 7 days.  We will be a little rusty for sure, but we will dominate the goofy and ridiculous side of strength sports…namely bench pressing and nerdy stuff.

God Bless you all!

-Brady Stewart


Brady Stewart Bench PressBrady Stewart has been a competitive powerlifter and bench press specialist since 2000. While he has had much success in full raw powerlifting as a former OPEN American USA Powerlifting Squat, Bench, and Total Record Holder (242lbs), surprisingly, Brady’s forte is single-ply IPF bench pressing. Brady has been a member of 4 USA World Bench Press Teams (IPF), a USA World Bench Press Team Gold Medalist (IPF 2009), IPF OPEN World Bench Press Championships Silver Medalist (2016), and 2x USA Bench Press National Champion (264lbs). Brady’s best press to date is 335kgs (738.5lbs) making him the strongest and highest rated bench presser in the history of the 264lbs weight class. Brady is the visionary behind, dedicated to promoting drug free strength athletics and co-host of Berserker Strength Radio.


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