Brady’s Comeback

Brady’s Comeback

Jun 6, 2014

Hey all!  I know its been a while…too long have I been away.  It’s been tough dealing with a shoulder injury, rehabbing, getting fatter, lifting small weights, and trying to move forward without feeling sorry for myself.

Since Oct 1 it has been an uphill battle.  My arm was in a sling for 2 weeks, rehabbed from surgery over the next 9 months(right posterior shoulder labrum), swapped muscle for fat (~26% body fat), and was finally cleared to start over lifting weights in February.  What an eye opening experience.  It had its ups and downs, but I did learn a lot.

Thanks for those who believed in me, cared for me, and called me when I was recovering.  You all mean the world to me and I’ll always treasure our friendships.

Over the next weeks, I’ll detail the following in addition to logging my training.

1) Winning the 2013 US Bench Press Nationals on a torn shoulder labrum.

2) How I went from ~26% body fat to my sub 15% body fat levels in 13 weeks time.

3) How I rehabbed my shoulder post surgery for the last 9 months

4) My plans for the 2014 USAPL Bench Press Nationals

5) Berserker Strength Radio is coming back for season 2

6) Bench Press Training post surgery

7) Cardio for big dudes

8) Relaxation and bing eating (why its important)

9) Brady’s fat shredding diet

10) Brady 2.0 (having fun and lifting big weights)

Brady Stewart Bench PressBrady Stewart has been a competitive powerlifter and bench press specialist since 2001. While he has had much success in full raw powerlifting as a former OPEN American USA Powerlifting Squat, Bench, and Total Record Holder (242lbs), surprisingly, Brady’s forte is single-ply IPF bench pressing. Brady has been a member of 3 USA World Bench Press Teams (IPF), a USA World Bench Press Team Gold Medalist (IPF 2009), and the 2013 USA Bench Press National Champion (264lbs). Brady’s best press to date is 322.5kgs (710.9lbs) making him the strongest and highest rated bench presser in the history of USA Powerlifting in Illinois and the second lightest man to bench press over 700lbs in USA Powerlifting. Brady is the owner of, dedicated to promoting drug free strength athletics.


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