Brady’s Surgery/Recovery Update

Brady’s Surgery/Recovery Update

Dec 27, 2013

So I am about 3 months out of surgery, been religiously doing my physical therapy, enjoying my time off from the heavy weights.  So what now?

The next milestone I have is my 3 month post surgery checkup which will occur next week.  I am hoping that the surgeon gives me some sort of green light to bench press something over 50 lbs or 22.5 kg.

It has been hard for me to manage my weight especially during the holidays where I tend to eat whatever I feel like.  So, I haven’t lost any weight and I haven’t gained any either.  So I am still sitting at a svelte 264 lbs / 120 kg.

My ROM is really good and I don’t have much pain at all.  Occasionally I’ll get some aches in the shoulder but that is usually when my arm is still for too long.  When I do physical therapy, it is pain free.  And I am thankful for that.

I have had some time to reflect on my injury, career, family, and friendships over these months and I have to say that those who are close to me are really special people.

I am am less than 5 months away from the IPF World Championships.  How much time will I need to get back to my normal strength?  Still not sure.  I do know that if I can’t be at least 95%, I will not go.  I do not want to force progress and re-injure myself.  My mobility and shoulder health is on the line and I’d like to have many more competitions and chances to go to future World Championships.  What I was able to do this year was pretty extraordinary.

After all, how many strength athletes can say that they’ve won the US National Bench Press Championships with a torn shoulder socket?  This proves one thing, that I am a stubborn SOB when it comes to fulfilling my dreams.

Through the pain, injury, training with a painful injury, working around my injury, and having feelings of self doubt…I wouldn’t change a thing.  I earned every pound and seized the moment when it was my moment to make something of myself.

To God, I thank you!


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