Brain Aneurysm..

Brain Aneurysm..

Aug 4, 2013

Well, long story short, I have a carotid artery brain aneurysm.  If you want to read the whole story, please do so here:


I had SEVERE headaches every time I started lifting.  It was awful.  I’m not the type to quit early, go to the doctor, or whine about pain.  I’m definitely the type to blow off pain, ignoring little This pain turned into something that worried me enough to get it checked out.  They found the aneurysm via CT Scan and did a spinal tap to make sure that it wasn’t leaking.  I took it easy on lifting for a whole week.  This was AWFUL!

I’ve resumed lifting heavy – and did so all last week without any headaches.  Woop woop!!  I’ll update what I’ve done sometime soon!!

Here is my point: get yourself checked out and listen to your body!!!  While something may seem small – a headache may not always be “just a headache”.  Small things can turn into HUGE DEALS.  As athletes, we want to be tough, macho, and let nothing slow us down.  This attitude and mentality is great.. most of the time!  However, there is a huge importance in making sure you are completely healthy.  If you aren’t healthy in one aspect, your performance is going to suffer.  For me, it was a headache that stopped me in my tracks while lifting.  I don’t like quitting and spent 2 days lifting on a headache that was the worst pain I’ve ever felt.  It was hard for me to take a break and go to the doctor.  I stopped lifting just so I could go get checked out.  This wasn’t easy.  And once we knew what it was, the possibility of being restricted from lifting because of the aneurysm made me very sad and almost instantly depressed.

I took an “easy week”.  I did tempo lifting and used really light weights!  I also took a few extra days off.  This is SOO not my style.  I usually don’t even take a rest day at all.  I’m always going and doing something.  After a rest week, so to speak, I felt much better and went for a heavy lifting day again.  I vowed to my husband (and lifting partner) that if it started to bother me, I would stop.

I didn’t need to stop!!  The headaches are gone (mostly) – but they haven’t hurt me at all while lifting!  My body needed a break.  The only way it could get me to slow down was to put a very serious issue in my path.  Those headaches were my warning sign – if I didn’t take a break and slow down, I could be out of lifting forever.  I could be dead.  It can become that serious.  Luckily, for me, I listened to my body.  Your body knows what you need.  If you feel hungry, EAT.  If you feel tired, SLEEP.  If you feel pain, GET CHECKED OUT!  This seems very simplified, but it shouldn’t be any harder than this.  We are not smarter than our body.  If we can get in tune with ourselves and listen to all our body’s needs – we will be the best we’ve ever been, both in our sport of choice and out of it.  If we ignore our body and the warning signs – you could be out forever.


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