Breaking personal records and smashing goals!

Breaking personal records and smashing goals!

Sep 17, 2013

I’m going to get right into it today, because the weights spook for themselves this week.

Monday was Leg Day!  I started with a superset of lunges and deep squats (lunges: 4×10 each leg, 1 set at 65lbs,  3 sets at 75lbs; squats:  4×10, 95lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs).  This was my first time squatting 135 and I was pretty pumped.  AND I did it 10 times.  Moving up!!  Next superset was cable kickbacks and leg press machine (cable kickbacks: 4×10 each leg, 1 set at 25lbs, 3 sets at 30lbs; leg press machine: 4×20, 1 set at 220lbs, 3 sets at 240lbs).  Felt great.  Most I’ve done on leg press as well, so again, pretty pumped!  I did 4×15 calf raises on the leg press machine.  1 set at 120lbs, 3 sets at 40lbs.  Then, I thought I’d throw some abs in because I haven’t done abs in a while.  I did a superset of crunches and hanging leg raises (crunches: 4×20; leg raises: 4×10).  These were awesome and it felt good to get back in some abs!  We ended with some kettlebell swings.  Uff da!  It was quite the finisher.  We did 4×20 using the 30lb KB.  Leg day = Success!!

Tuesday was Shoulders.  We started with a triset of cable rear delt flye, military press, and arnold press (cable rear delt flye: 4×8, 7.5lbs; military press: 12 – 20lbs, 10 – 25lbs, 8 – 25lbs, 6 – 30lbs; arnold press: 12 – 20lbs, 10 – 25lbs, 8 – 25lbs, 6 – 25lbs).  Then we followed with another triset of full front raises, full lateral raises, and face pulls (front raises: 4×15, 1 set at 10lbs, 3 sets at 8lbs; lateral raises: 4×15, 1 set at 10 then switched to 8lbs half way through, 3 sets at 8lbs; face pulls: 4×15, 2 sets at 15lbs, 2 sets at 20lbs).  The shoulders were on fire so we decided to call it a day!

Wednesday followed with some back day!  The first superset was one arm row and barbell reverse grip row (one arm row: 4xfailure, weights went from 25lbs to 40lbs in 5lb increments; barbell reverse grip row: 4xfailure, weight went from 45lbs to 75lbs in 10lb increments).  Second superset was assisted pull ups and lat pull downs (assisted pull ups: 3×10 using 80lbs as help; lat pull downs: 12 – 70lbs, 10 – 70lbs, 8 – 80lbs).  Last superset was straight arm pulldowns and seated row (straight arm pull down: 12 – 30lbs, 10 – 35lbs, 8 – 40lbs; seated row: 10 – 70lbs, 10 – 70lbs, 8 – 80lbs).  Then I did the Dr. Layne Norton Bike workout for some cardio.  (To remind those of you who have forgotten this: 90 seconds moderate pace/moderate resistance, 10 seconds fast pace/moderate resistance, 20 seconds fast pace/heavy resistance – repeat until you hit 15 minutes!).  I was burning and the cardio felt great!

Thursday was back to legs!  Back so soon?!  You betcha!  I HAVE to get in legs twice a week.  It’s just something about my wiring.  It’s not a good week without legs twice!  Sooooo…  We started with squats, 5×5, 125lbs-165lbs in 10lb increments.  Yes, I got 165 5 times!!!!  YEAH!!  Felt great, felt strong.  Followed this with barbell lunges, 5×5, all at 100lbs.  These burned after the heavy squat so we decided to stick at 100lbs.  Superset of stiff leg deads and hamstring curls followed (deads: 6×6 at 115lbs; hamstring curls: 2×8 at 70lbs, 4×8 at 75lbs).  Next superset was our total ab machine – you pull with your abs and lift with your quads so it’s double duty! – and jumping lunges (total ab: 1×8 at 75lbs, 4×8 at 80lbs; jumping lunges: 5×16 holding 12lb dumbbells).  Lastly, we had a superset of body weight jumping squats and hamstring curls on the ball (jumping squats: 4×20; hamstring curls on ball: 4×12).  Phew!  Leg day number 2 – Conquered!  After I got home from the gym, we moved all of the heavy stuff out of our house and into our new house (about 3 miles away).  SO tired, and so hungry..

On Friday – I ended up moving my entire life to a new house. AND we basically did it in one trip.  So – needless to say – Fridays workout didn’t happen.  Once we moved a bunch of stuff, we went to the football game Friday night and I decided to use it as a “rest but you didn’t really rest because you moved a bunch of stuff” day.  Call me lazy or call me not dedicated – whatever!! I was tired, sore, and ready for a break.  😀

Saturday, we got back at it, bright and early in the morning so we had the rest of the day to pack/unpack.  It was chest day and we were going to start with bench, but we lifted with our men and of course it was their chest day too – and of course, they were benching.  SO – we decided to try out this bench machine.  That’s right.  A bench machine.  All of my powerlifting friends are probably cringing at the thought – but it was actually ok and worked pretty well.  Our first superset included this new bench machine and dumbbell bench press (bench machine: 1×10 at 20lbs, 3×10 at 25lbs; db bench press: 4×10, 25lbs-40lbs in 5lb increments).  Second superset was incline db bench and flat bench db flyes (incline db bench: 4×8, 20-35 in 5lb increments; db flyes: 1×12 at 15lbs, 3×12 at 20lbs).  Last superset was db pullovers and cable crossovers (db pullovers: 4×12, 25lbs-40lbs in 5lb increments; cable crossovers: 4×12 at 20lbs).  Then I did some cardio on this machine that is a cross between a stair stepper and an elliptical.  It has adaptive motion technology and reacts to what you are doing.  If you are doing more of a stair stepper motion, it does that.  If you do more of an elliptical motion, it does that.  So I did 10 minutes of intervals on the AMT machine.   Loved it.  Really felt it in the glutes!


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