Brian Carroll’s 10-20-Life Review

Brian Carroll’s 10-20-Life Review

Aug 23, 2016

I received a call some time ago asking for some information on how Brian Carroll’s book, 10/20/Life could be put into print. We had a quick chat and emails identifying that he was looking for a printer and not a publisher. As I was aware that one of my partners at 2XL Powerlifting, Eric Stone, has been using the program I was intrigued. Brian sent a copy of the eBook for review on IronAuthority.

As in so many of this style of book, the first pages spend some time on the lifter’s history and why one system is better than another. There is also the usual, but necessary, advice to stay clear of internet and YouTube so called experts.


As I continued through the book, it made a lot of sense following more the bio-rhythm style of lifting I was familiar with from the 1980s. However, his concepts for ‘off-season’ then leading up to competition was easy to follow. In addition to the ability to contact Brian for guidance and online training programs, he made the process of following his book and programs very easy with the layout of the book and descriptions of the exercises. I ended up ordering the complete system:

As I had mentioned, one of my partners, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Eric Stone, has been following the program. He is also a very experienced lifter with results from the program significant enough that others in the gym are following along, in addition to terms such as RPE now being common.


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