Building a foundation

Building a foundation

Mar 16, 2013

Back to training and it feels so good. Except today, think I twicked my hamstring.

So day 1 went well, just changed training a bit, kept 6 rep and dropped down to 5 sets.  Felt this would keep me better in range of my rpe.

Got back to the gym today, bench went well and set up felt solid. Went to warm up for front squats and legs felt very tight. Started my warm up sets and felt my hamstring cramp up and I knew it was best to stop so I did not nock myself out of training completely.

So now to help explain the title. While getting back to training I took a good amount of time to figure out my volume cycle. I knew that I needed to in a way start over, to go back to basics and rebuild my foundation. A strong solid foundation will allow for me to build my training  upon it. A foundation must be powerful as to build something magnificent onto it. This new training cycle most have a main focus of building my foundation.

I will get strong, I will build myself up. And I will do that one successful rep at a time!

IA All Day !!!!!



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  1. Jack DiBenedetto /

    Lacrosse ball/foam roll the crap out of that hammy. You’ll be fine.

  2. YUP! I rumble roll my biznass daily. Helps quite a bit with mobility and keeping the body limber. I don’t really care for stretching all that much, but a few minutes rolling on that demonic studded roller does the trick every time. Tennis balls work well also.

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