C.R.E.A.T.E. after your meet .

C.R.E.A.T.E.  after your meet .

May 16, 2013

When someone dies in their life there are the “stages of grieving” that a person goes through. Well I have always believed there are stages that athletes (power lifters) should or do go through after a meet, contest or game. I call it C.R.E.A.T.E for short. Agree or disagree but some form of game plan will happen either as simple or complex as this. Let me stray for minute here.

This plan involves with the past, present and future. It is general but lays out a blueprint for a future contest of whatever sport you are in. It is up to the person reading this if they want to modify it to accommodate them, follow it, or frown upon it and scrap it. I would really question how serious you are about what you do if you do the latter and don’t have some form of a plan, regardless how successful you are in your sport.

Complacency breeds stagnancy.

It is ok to be satisfied after your meet, maybe you had the best day possible or maybe you had the best result possible for yourself personally. Enjoy what you did for a few days however don’t live on what you DID live on what you can DO. It is at this time you can find what your drive is. I find regardless if I do well or if I perform poorly I get anxious to start all over again and compete. I can’t stand those who live on stuff they did in their past a long time ago and decide that is a good enough story to tell instead of rewriting a better story. This means work to get to that next step and for some they worked hard enough for that story they like telling. Of course there could be something that changed since their last contest, an injury, life, job, kids, etc. That could be understandable but if those are not the reason then ask yourself why has your motivation changed? If it is because you are not progressing quick enough then acquire more knowledge from those who are progressing. If it is because you are failing and tired of it, well DON’T QUIT, keep going. I bombed in 4 straight nationals before getting my act together and winning 5 nationals and placing top 3 in 2 World meets. NEVER QUIT. I was embarrassed by the end of the second bombing and questioned what I was doing and why I was doing it by the 4th bombing but NEVER QUIT.

Like mentioned earlier, we write our own lives. Don’t copy and paste your life like I did for 4 years but REWRITE it, which eventually I did the next 4 years.



C.    Celebrate/contemplate your meet (contest, race) is over you did great, celebrate enjoy your accomplishment. Time frame to enjoy? Varies. I think a week is good. Most athletes may take the following week off for recovery so to me this is a great time to relax your mind and body. You worked your ass off so who says you shouldn’t. If it a placing or a personal accomplishment you strived for which you attained, celebrate.

If all didn’t go well then contemplate. What happened that day? Were you physically prepared? Mentally prepared? Someone mess you up? Conditions not right? You should be disappointed or pissed off. How long do you contemplate or seethe? A week to celebrate but if you fell well short of expectations you had then hell you can seethe for a week or till your next contest!! That should be your fuel.

If failing does not bother you then stay away from me!!!!We will not get along in the gym.

R      Reflect. When the celebration or contemplation is done it is time to reflect on your training for that cycle which led into the meet. If everything went well do you modify it? The popular idiom” If it’s not broke don’t fix it.”  Could be applied here. Slight tweak may not hurt. Personally as of late I have been running the same philosophy for the bench and premeet meal. I have done this for 3 years and have rolling.

If you didn’t do well then you need to think why? Did anything happen in your cycle that may have given you a premonition this was about to happen? Nutrition? Rest? Supplements? Stress? Training? You need to check all facets but something obviously went askew. Modify it.

E    Expectations.  After reflecting on what went well or didn’t go well, it is now time to assert expectations. Either placing higher, doing something quicker or stronger you are creating the new expectations.

A      Assemble. Assemble a plan. With transitioning to this stage you should have lots of energy to assemble a blueprint.  Either motivated by your success and desire to add to it or motivated by your failure you have the fuel to carry you to your meet.

T      Train. The plan is worthless until you start carrying out. You train and you train hard. Period. Pay attention to your body. Listen to it. When it needs rest, give it but when it is at 100% you give 100%. Leave your ego at the door. As the meet gets closer realize doing another set heavier because the previous one felt light could bite you in the ass.Stick to your plan. Leave the gym hungry for your next workout. Better to have a great day in the meet then in the gym. Impressing the local gym folk does nothing for you in the meet .

E      Execute.  Game time. It is the day or your meet or contest. This is the final stage. This is your day! Everything you have thought, dreamed, and done will be on display. You bring it and bring it hard.  Focus First.

Hopefully when the day is over you will have rewritten a chapter in your life.


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