Calling for some intensity

Calling for some intensity

Apr 14, 2013

Hell ya I am looking forward to tomorrow. It is my first day back to an intensity cycle and I am looking forward to pushing myself with some heavy weights. I am going to be sticking with a high intensity program for 3 weeks leading up to my 2 mock meet gym sessions.

So what I am doing for my intensity cycle. Most are the same as my volume; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Week 1 will be a triples @ 9

Week 2 will be singles @ 10

Week 3 will be doubles @ 9-10, giving myself some room if I feel good enough to really push it.

Day 1

Competition squat

Sumo Deads

Speed bench with bands – 4×4 @ 9

Abs – 4×4 @ 9


Day 2

Competition Bench

Front Squats

Speed Deads with bands – 4×4 @ 9

Lats – 4×4 @ 9


Day 3

Competition Deadlift

Floor Press

Speed Squats with bands – 4×4 @ 9

Good Mornings – 4×4 @9


Day 4 – All 3 weeks are 4×4 @ 9

Pause Squats

Close Grip Bench with chains

Deficit deads with chains

Standing Military Press


Cardio on my off days, mainly while at work I will hit the treadmill. Since the weather is turning better I know that I will have yard work that will get my heart pumping!

Plan to keep my diet as clean as possible and have my juice daily, minimum of at least 12-16 oz daily.

I want to keep my strength on a rise while dropping weight down closer to 250. Since I will be in Europe for over 2 weeks the beginning of June I want to make sure my weight is down so I can enjoy the vacation.

Hit me up with any feed back/comments/… you have towards my training.


IA all day!


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