Calm Before the Storm #RoadtoRecovery

Calm Before the Storm #RoadtoRecovery

Apr 13, 2014


Christa, Nick and I chillin’ and watching some BroScience on YouTube

The leg was cleared just over a week ago and I had a business trip to Boston to present on topics related to electric motors and generators as well as a presentation on electric machine forensics.  Yeah, exciting stuff!

My older son, Nick, and his fiancé, Christa, were nearby in Connecticut and my younger son, Matt, was even closer in Worcester, Mass, attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute.  The conference had me pretty busy from the time I arrived.  So, for a change, I decided to postpone any training, even cardio, to reduce some stress and recover before diving into training for the APF Masters and WPC CanAm in June and July, respectively.  It has also given me some time to reflect on my plans for leg rehab.


^^Matt and Howard Penrose – Yeah, we’re not sure what we fed him, either.

Nick completed chemistry at UCONN last year and was employed within a month.  His fiancé graduated from UCONN with her masters and is now teaching Western European history at a local high school.  Nick has patents to his name, a good paying job, and is moving ahead.  But… I discovered something… he’s attending Planet Fitness.  I’m sorry to say that I almost fainted from laughing – Nick was an extremely competent and powerful teenage powerlifter at his high school which boasted some of the strongest in Connecticut, at the time.  I asked him how many times he set of the lunk alarm.

Matt has been weight training with classmates at school.  He’s not training, just staying in shape.  He recently returned from doing research on light and sound pollution in San Juan, PR, and had some great stories to tell.  Of course, if he had told me at the time they were happening, I would have been on my way to San Juan!  He’s doing great in school and has a great internship offer on the table.

In any case, it is important to remember that while we love this sport we must consider that choosing between family and training means that we must occasionally choose against training.

Will visit a gym on my next trip.  This time – sitting at the airport, writing this, feeling satisfied that I had some quality time with my greatest achievements.



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