Get Ya Mind Right

Get Ya Mind Right

May 30, 2013

The title of this article is something I like to yell at some of my lifters before they go for an attempt or begin a set because it’s an important aspect of the game. You’ve heard the sports cliche that the game is 80% mental and 20% physical or some other similar ratio, and I think it holds true for every single competitive sport including...

No Gear, No Problem

I know a lot of powerlifters who simply do not believe in raw training, I also know a lot of people who won’t go over 70% without putting gear on. Truth of the matter is, if you want to get stronger, you have to lift without equipment. The stronger you are raw, the stronger you will be with equipment on. In order to get stronger raw, you have to go heavy....

Better Conditioned, Better Athlete, Better Lifter

My junior year in high school I did a meet every weekend for about 9 weeks straight. By the end of that 9 weeks my body was about to shut down and I had gotten the flu, but I realized that every week I was able to raise my total a little and make it through a whole meet. My ability to do this started with my conditioning in the off season. Now I’m not...

3 weeks out from the Arnold

So I was doing a little running 2 weeks ago, and I decided to kick it in on my last sprint. As soon as I kicked it in, I felt my hamstring pop. There was instant pain, shock, disbelief, and terror when I felt it. I immediately thought that I was not going to be able to lift at the Arnold. I gave myself about 10 minutes to sulk about it, and then started...

Arnold Training…5 weeks out

So my last 2 weeks of deadlift training had me kind of nervous going into this week. I still had not been able to hit a confident 700 in training, and my suit was a little bit tighter than I remember. I had some thoughts of doubt coming into my mind about whether I was ready for this competition or not. 2 weeks ago I could barely hit 7, and last week 675 was a...

Road to the Arnold

By far the most exciting meet that I’ve ever lifted in has to be the Arnold Pro Deadlift Challenge. My training cycle for this meet is always fun too because I get too really push myself on deadlift. At the same time I have to integrate in some suited bench and squat work to get ready for collegiate nationals. If powerlifting had a season, this would be...

Dying to Deadlift

All week long I look forward to Friday. Its the start of the weekend, no class, and most importantly its deadlift day! If you don’t know I am a serious deadlift enthusiast, and it was the first lift I started doing. To warm up for my dead I always start with some light squat. However, recently I’ve started to do close stance high bar squat to warm...



Nov 1, 2012

Iron Authority is proud to announce that World Champion, Arnold Classic Pro Deadlift Champion, and World Record Holder IAN BELL is our newest sponsored athlete! ¬†Look for Ian’s training blog here. ¬†Feel free to ask him questions and say hello as he contributes articles, training, advice, etc. Ian Deadlifting 810lbs weighing only 195lbs. -Brady Stewart...

Back on the Grind

First post on Iron Authority! I get questions all the time on my training, so its cool to have a space to share it. Well, for the past 5 weeks I had been training without a belt on squat and deadlift. Its week 4 of my progression cycle, I’m starting to touch some real weight, so I thought I throw a belt on and see what happened. My workout called for 80%...

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