First week of volume training/Road to Battle of Cleveland and Bench Nationals

Today was my first good heavy volume training. I didn’t get what I wanted but it showed my strength was back. Bar x 50 135×20 225×6 295×3 365×2 405×4 wanted 6 425×3 wanted 4 475×1 wanted 2 450×2 wanted 3 405×4 wanted 6 Overall the weight felt light my body had to adjust. I’m confident of where I will be...

Training for August meets

This past week I got my first full week in training since my sciatica went away. My first day back I saw a Cleveland radio DJ Kim Sellers doing leg presses in the gym and the importance of me saying that is she is in a wheelchair and CAN’T walk. So even if I was in pain it wouldn’t matter. I had a real productive week basically hitting moderate...

Brady’s Bench Training 6/22 – 6/28 (2014)

Brady’s Bench Training 6/22 – 6/28 (2014)

Jun 27, 2014

This has been another great week of training for me.  Probably my best week since I’ve been back at it post Labrum surgery. Big thanks to Logan Hunt, 2013 IPF Junior World Bench Press Gold Medalist for training with me and getting me back on track.  His serious approach to training is refreshing. Sunday Equipped Bench Press 495 x4, x7, x5 @7-8 Shoulder...

Brady’s Bench Nationals Training — Jun 15-21

Brady’s Bench Nationals Training — Jun 15-21

Jun 21, 2014

BRADY’S BENCH NATIONALS TRAINING JUNE 15-21 and BIG DOOD CARDIO Sunday – Equipped Bench Press 465 x4 @7 465 x7 @7 465 x5 @7 Close Grip Bench Press 185 x15 Shoulder Complex Monday – CARDIO 30 min Tuesday 4 Board Press 315 x20 @7 Bent Rows 60s x3x20 Curls 40s/35s/30s/25s x20 DB Bench Press 60s+2Light Bands x27,14,12 Triceps Extensions 95 x3x12...

Sciatica I am taking my life back

This sciatica has been more of a nuisance than I planned. I haven’t worked out in more than a month but that is over. During that time I have not been sleeping much due to the sciatica being at its worst when I go to sleep and right when I get up in the morning. Going to the doctor he told me the best thing I could do is to do certain stretches all day...


Hi!! Sorry for the delay – we’ve had some bad news in my family and last weekend was dedicated to spending time with my mom, dad, and husband. 🙂  On top of it, I’ve been sick. 🙁 SO – moving on – my workouts have been going wonderful!  The intensity is up on both my diet and my workouts and I am hoping that leaning out is going to...

Back on the Grind.

First and foremost Sciatica is no joke! I still have some numbing sensation in the back of my leg but I am working that out. I have started back to working out again but my return to the platform will have to wait until June 7th. I still haven’t went back to deadlifts or squats yet. My strength was still pretty good. I am ready to dial it in for 2014. The...

At the end of the day..

“Don’t get too muscular!” “Don’t get manly.” “You aren’t going to get big and bulky, are you?” No matter what you do – someone will be disgusted, annoyed, or critical.  No matter how you look – someone will prefer something different.  You will be too muscular, too skinny, too big, too small, too...

Pole-Dancing Ping-Pong at the Arnolds

Pole-Dancing Ping-Pong at the Arnolds

Feb 28, 2014

I have been working with Team Overkill to learn the multi-ply Overkill bench shirt.  Hopefully I will have it mostly broken in before the Illinois State Meet on March 15 and 16, 2014.  So far, I have come just thiiiiis close to touching.  The work will continue and you will be able to judge from the lifts that I post.  In the meantime, the real work is aimed at...

Timing is everything

It is as simple as the title, timing is everything. In reading this I hope if nothing else you get that every moment counts because the next moment everything can change for the good or the bad. Take advantage of that moment. With that being said as of Sunday timing was everything for me. I had started experiencing some pain in my lower right side almost a week...

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