Checking Out the Earthquake Bar!

Checking Out the Earthquake Bar!

Oct 17, 2014


You darn well know we had to try this thing out!  Ordered from Rogue Fitness and delivered in three days!  Not too shabby there at all!

Following a de-load bench day prior to a rest week 4 weeks out from WPC Worlds – we gave it a shot.  So, picture this – well, no, you don’t have to… watch this…

^^My first attempt with the Earthquake Bar

We decided to give everyone a shot at this using 45lb weights.  It was hard not to laugh and lift the first time and it felt light.  After 7 more sets of 8 varying hand width, my shoulders and triceps were absolutely exhausted!

^^Jackie Stone and Howard Penrose having more fun!  The comments speak for themselves!

^^Ken Stone for a recovery lift.  Pardon the French!  Yeah, it was definitely hard to spot this!

The bar states it can handle 300 lbs.  We put on 90lbs plus the 5.5lbs of bar for a total of 95.5 lbs so far.  I am planning on taking this a bit further.

How were the results?  I used it as my only accessory following a light bench training session (equipped) and I can barely lift my arms.  I wouldn’t have been able to raise a barbell or perform a cable push-down!  I plan on taking this further with more weight and high reps to see what happens!

We also got our hands on this for upcoming rehab for a teammate and generally mixing things up!

More information on the bar can be obtained:

I have had the chance to use the Bamboo Bar, which was quite good.  However, I feel that the Earthquake Bar is going to fare better with our lifters.

We also look forward to experimenting with the large variety of exercises that can be performed.



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