Cold Catches the Doc – Travel and HealthTracks Gym

Cold Catches the Doc – Travel and HealthTracks Gym

Oct 3, 2012


As we all know, no matter how hard you try a cold will catch you if everyone around you is ill. I suspect my cold came from a combination of traveling (airplanes are notorious for spreading illness), work stress, and loss of sleep while I contemplated purchasing a gym that was going under. As I write this I am on a good dose of Aleve D Cold and Sinus – the only one that doesn’t knock me out while being effective – listening to all the hacking and coughing around me.

The majority of the past week I was not out of town as much as I have been – having returned from Charleston, South Carolina. On the Tuesday I did a bench, back and beach muscle day at the HealthTracks commercial gym in Glen Ellyn, IL. This is the gym where I initiated my return to powerlifting. Later in the week I worked deadlift, bench and squat with Team Stone – see previous posting.


The HealthTracks gym is a commercial gym sporting two large indoor heated pools, indoor tennis, change rooms, backetball courts, babysitting, a lot of cardio equipment, spinning classes, yoga and other rooms. The free weight area is quite good compared to most commercial gyms with plenty of weight (I’m able to tie up ~1100 lbs of 45lb weights on the leg press while leaving plenty for others). There are four benches, hammer equipment, incline and decline benches, dumbbells to over 100lbs, two safety squat racks, plenty of cable equipment, and lots of other equipment.


In the first year through Spring, 2012, I spent a majority of my programming at HealthTracks and squat work at Progressive Sports Performance (discussed in an earlier posting). The staff allows me to to use chalk so long as I kept the area clean (my chalk container is placed on a towel). I would use the safety racks for bench – straight and banded (speed) or banded assist and squats, box squats and banded. I would also use the safety rack for banded deadlifts and pins. Even during busier times there would be relatively short waits for the different weight equipment. They also have a large group of personal trainers that are reasonable.

Ratings: Hours – 4/5; Equipment – 5/5 condition and 4/5 powerlifting friendly; Ability to Train – 4/5; Atmosphere – 4/5; and, Location – 4/5.

The Week in Training:

Tuesday (HealthTracks) – Bench using safety rack to 3 sets of singles at 320 lbs raw (Bar x 8; 135×5; 225×5; 275×4; 285×2; 3x320x1), Chest supported upright rows (225×8; 270×8; 315×6; 360×6; 405×6); superset cable curls (bicep 3x90x20 and tricep 3x150x20), cable standing shoulder raises (3x50x12), and, lat pulldowns (3x130x20).

Wednesday (Team Stone) – Deadlifts (135×5; 225×5; 275×5; 315×5; 365 x 1 x 4 w/adding 25lb chains each set), assorted upper back work.

Friday (Team Stone) – Bench, Raw (100×8; 140×5; 190×5; 230×4; 280×3; 320×1), Bench, Multiply (380×3, 2-board; 420lb 3, 2, 1 board then missed touch due to elbow tendonitis), Tricep pushdowns (2x140x20).

Saturday (Team Stone) – Squats, started taking Aleve Cold and Sinus which made me dizzy on higher weights (110×8; 140×5; 190×5; 230×5; 280×4; 325×4) adjusted bar position higher and did a set of two at 385lbs. Basic hip work.


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