Cold Caught Me

Cold Caught Me

Dec 22, 2013


Why does it seem that whenever people have a cold they want to make sure to spend time in enclosed rooms with other people?  Hey, if I’m miserable, I will do my best to make you feel just as bad!

Yep, after weeks of people being around with this latest of joints aching first then creating a head cold that has you staring at a wall for periods of time before you realize what’s going on… it caught me!  I think that supplements and making sure that I was not overtraining helped – ZMA, protein, lots of vitamin C, fluids, etc.  I was able to steer clear of it for some time.

However, once it caught me, what do you do?  At work, I have the flexibility of staying away and keeping myself closed up in my office.  At home, I am spending time catching up on website development, technical papers, and stuff like that.  I will not go to work with the team during the worst of it.  Why expose my teammates?  Several of them are planning towards big meets this year including the Arnold Classic.

Prior to the illness, I have started changing up my training.  I still have to steer clear of the leg for a while, but not expecting more surgery, so far.  But, working on bench.  Previous coaches had me working heavy bench and high reps for arm work, shoulder work, back work, etc.  I have changed that over to fewer reps and heavier weight as I am sticking on my raw max, even though my endurance is going up.  On the other hand, I don’t seem to remember endurance being one of the requirements for powerlifting.

Don’t get me wrong – as much as we like to make fun of ‘cardio’ in our training programs, it is very important for vascular health.  Powerlifting helps us become faster and stronger, cardio work helps us get blood to where it needs to go.  It is still important that we do not spend a lot of time in this area as we approach a competition, but outside of competition training, that blood is necessary for repairing the muscle that we are constantly tearing down.

Basically, anything that keeps your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes (yeah, I lift weights faster… ha ha).  Sled, Prowler, tire flips, running, that kind of thing, all help.  You don’t have to get on a treadmill, stare at a wall or television, and march/run in place.  Even the act of going for a long walk helps.  You got it!  Every step you take forces blood back up through your legs, reducing swelling and helping reduce the chance of thrombosis.

Stay healthy – lift longer!



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