Competition Week

Competition Week

May 10, 2013

My very first powerlifting competition was on May 22, 2010. One thing I had to learn was preparation. The figured a day or two of rest I would be fine just like when I played football in high school and college. Well thanks to Iron Chamber Gym I learned a decent routine which I tweeked to my liking. First the Sunday before a meet I would lift to see what my bench press opener would be. I started off working body parts very lightly each day and then walking on the treadmill to stay loose. I didnt do too bad in competition but I felt I did too much.

I decided to do the very minimum during the week; while on Sunday I still lift for a bench press opener, I will do the same on Monday for deadlift if I was doing a push pull meet (I recently changed deadlifts to Saturday). Otherwise Monday-Thursday I sit in a steam room; then stretch; then walk on an indoor track or a treadmill. Friday I eat a very huge dinner (high in carbs and protein). Saturday morning its white lights time.

It is the not the best way to go about getting ready for the competition but the best way for me. Don’t be a jabroni find what works for you and believe in it like you believe you will get those white lights! Everybody wants to be a powerlifter but dont nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight! God Bless and best of strength on your training!


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