Cryogenically Frozen After Bench Training

Cryogenically Frozen After Bench Training

Apr 21, 2015

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^^Mike Womack and I at Lockout Gym

My latest travels took me to Dallas, Texas, for business. I headed down a little early so that I could meet up with Mike Womack, the inventor of the Bench Daddy and the Killer B bench shirt. Mike coached three of us with the Killer B which I took the 2-ply to 405 and the 4-ply to 455lbs as I did my heavy benching a few days before.

Mike performs his personal training and training at Lockout Gym, 344 E Louisianna St, McKinney, Texas ( Lockout is an old-school gym (and it has mirrors) with plenty of equipment for lifting and accessory work. The benches include two Forza benches in great condition.

The session was so great they attempted to cryogenically freeze me!

IMG_4474 - Copy

IMG_4479 - Copy

^^Ahhhhhh….. w/Mike Womack

Following the bench session the group headed over to try out CryoBoost ( which is a special recovery method that exposes you to -170C/-274F for three minutes. You are literally in a special container exposed to misted nitrogen. Ice baths? Nothing compares to this process! While there are numerous claims that go with this process including pulling the blood into the core and then releasing it back into the surface, muscles and extremities, it definitely had an effect. Each session costs about $25 or it can be purchased in ‘packs.’

IMG_4484 - Copy

^^brrrrr…. minus what?!?

My experience? The swelling in my healing knee completely disappeared. A few hours later it is back but far less than it has been in a while.  I also felt completely relaxed and rested after the session.

The group I was with ranged from their 40s to 70s and we all enjoyed the process – although a few shivered more than others.

A little extra on the process:


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