Cutting Weight… Don’t Starve, Eat to Burn

Cutting Weight…  Don’t Starve, Eat to Burn

May 6, 2013

Cutting Weight…  Don’t Starve, Eat to Burn

By: Jeff McDaniel

Cutting weight is never fun. If you’re going to cut, be prepared to dig in. During those rough days of chicken and spinach keep your eye on the goal.. it is achievable and you can make it!!

A few years ago I decided I was going to go after a national records in the 181 lb. Raw Men’s Open Bench press record.  I was weighing in at 199 lbs. with 6 weeks before the competition.

Unfortunately I didn’t set the national record (I had it in my hands), but I was able to set a state record and learned some valuable lessons about what the body is capable of. I ended up shooting past 181 and landing at 176. I dropped 25 lbs. in 6 weeks.

The major key in cutting is diet. Eliminate whatever is unnecessary in your diet.  Load it with negative carbs. There are some carbs that it actually costs your body more energy to process – such as spinach. Tons of chicken and spinach will help to keep your metabolism working hard and burning away.  These negative carbs are usually very low in actual grams of carbs so you can add these to most meals. Keep that protein high too, you want to maintain muscle. Moving around in some of the middle weight classes you want to try and eliminate everything but muscle.

Cardio. Yupp, I said it. 5 days a week. Don’t take it too far. You don’t need to run an hour straight on a treadmill. Your a powerlifter, not a marathon runner.  Make your cardio count. HIT cardio I found to be the best.  Hit it hard with HIT for 15-20min a day, NO MORE.  Do after your weights when your body is already in a fat burn state.  Another good option is running in the pool or swimming. In the pool you use muscles you didn’t know you weren’t using. It’s a good change and you can burn through the calories.

Keep track of your progress and chart out goals for each week. Sure you can drop a good amount of weight the final week but don’t put yourself in a position where you have to cut water completely or complete drain yourself of all energy on competition day. If you are under 5 lbs. leading up the competition week you can do it.  Decrease your sodium so you are not bloating and holding any unnecessary water weight. Use a form of water loading where you actually increase your water intake early in the week and taper it down towards the end of the week. This will help keep the metabolism burning and your body will eliminate all the extra water and prevent you from going into a state where if you cut water completely your body holds onto every once. Remember water is extremely heavy.



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