Day 4/Assistance day and training insight

Day 4/Assistance day and training insight

Mar 21, 2013

Yesterday was my day 4/assistance day of training. Overall it was a great training day. Hamstring has felt better thanks to Brady and Jack’s advise.

Started with close grip bench with chains, 205 bar weight and 40 lb of chains. Went up very well, on the low side of an 8 rpe.

Deficit dead’s with chains, 315 bar weight with 40 lb chains. Felt smooth and hamstring did not cramp up during or after.

Dumbbell seated shoulder press, 50 lb each. Bit too light, close to a 7.5-8 rpe. Should have pushed it harder but shoulder hurt a little.

Pause squats…suck d***! This is the exercise I love because it works but hate doing. If you don’t do them or have not tried doing pause squats try them. It really helps to keep my depth during the squat, makes me focus on staying tight and keeping my chest up at the bottom, and makes me drive out of the hole. Did 225 with 3 counts pause not knowing how my hamstring would hold up, which it was fine.

Now to my squat question. I originally have done squats with a more narrow grip; the webbing of my thumb, where my thumb meets inside of my palm, is on the ring. The problem I have had lately is it is increasing pain in my shoulder trying to get my set up. I tried during pause squats to a wider grip, hands next to the inside collars and did not have shoulder pain. But I am hoping some others have insight on this. Is it better to have a narrow grip to keep your back tighter or is having a wider grip increase control? I like the feel of the wider grip yesterday, what are your thoughts?

Lastly I had the opportunity to drop some knowledge on a guy during training yesterday. He is a MP in the Army Reserves, which deserves a shout out to all those your protect our freedoms and country! I have talked to him before related to training. He had numerous questions related to different exercises and how to increase his strength. Of course I turned him onto, which I really hope he does.

By far this was a favorite training day in quiet a while. Not only did I feel great but I am able to share my knowledge with someone else interested in improving themselves. Was my time at the gym longer than I was expecting yesterday, yes it was. Is that a bad thing? Nope, not one bit. If from my conversation with this guy helped him in anyway to reach his goals of improving, then my overall day was a success. It was a pleasure speaking with him and look forward to any more conversations.


IA all day baby!


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  1. I’m glad that your hamhocks are feeling better.I have the same problem with the shoulders. You have to ask yourself a few questions, 1) when did the pain start? Was it an injury or something new in training (new techneque, weight gain or lose etc., etc.?) 2)Is it a mobility/flexibility issue? That being said as you know flexibility/mobility should always be part of your training. BY looking at your training it looks like its the high frequency of squatting that you are doing. If you are doing back squats more than once per week and that’s when it started, but you like the extra volume, you may want to switch your other squat slots to high bar squats, SSB, cambered bar, front squat, these will all work great and take all the stress off the shoulders. Hope that helps Bro.

    • So pain started before the Arnold. Got a bad lift off; guy tried to push the weight to my waist. I am just trying to see what everyone’s thoughts are related to either a close or wide grip for squats. I have been rolling my shoulder and it does help but it seems to be harder to get into a comfortable position for my main squats. Tomorrow I am going to try doing wide grip on my main squat and see how I feel overall.

      • Damn! Can’t believe he did that. In that case, the only thing to do is try the different hand positions. I know what you mean about how you feel when your hands are close and your back is tighter, but it is more comfortable with your hands out wider. I tried the the wider grip and it feels great with lighter weight but once the weight gets heavy it’s hard to keep the bar on your back, at least in my experience. You may want to ask Preston about this or if you can get in touch with Blaine. Hope it gets better soon.

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