Dec 6, 2013

My full name is Mariah Mayhew Hamm. I was born in Iowa and have lived in Minneapolis when I was younger and moved to rural Osceola, Wisconsin where I spent all middle and high school.  Instead of writing a boring long story about myself I figured I would just share some  random facts, my training, and my recent raw meet (and future meets). Hopefully this article will give you an insight to who I really am and my life as a powerlifter.

Hammburger, Hammslice, Hammbone, Hammy, Hemmy, HAMM!!!, Hammer

Mariah Medals

These are just a few of the many, many nicknames I have received over my adolescent years. Besides having a goofy last name I have a fairly goofy family as well. I owe everything I have accomplished (through lifting and life in general) and the woman I am blossomed in to these past few years to them. They are my rock and support me no matter what my decisions are – they may not always agree with the decisions but they support me none-the-less. My family is number one, and I hold all my family members very near and dear to my heart.

The second random fun fact about me is that I joined powerlifting against my will. One of my best friends in high school was forced to be in it by her parents so she dragged me along and to this day I am forever grateful for that! Who would I be without powerlifting? Probably another typical Wisconsin, binge drinking college student haha.

Other random facts about me:

-I hate mayo with a passion and will cringe just by looking or smelling it

-I adore cars (my dad being a huge gear-head rubbed off on me)

-I hate white socks and only buy black ones

-I love love love to cook! I do not like to follow recipes, I just like to cook something delicious with what I have on hand – makes for a nice challenge!

-My favorite whole foods are kale, avocados, and sweet potatoes. (Favorite meats are BACON   and chicken, can’t go wrong with them…ever)

-I absolutely hate jeans. I currently own three pairs and I wear them sparingly. I wear long underwear with leggings over top of them in the winter.

-I love music and almost every genre (besides metal, sorry all you metal heads out there, I just can’t stand it). You can mostly find me listening to rap. However I am a huge nerd when it comes to 80’s pop. I owe my love of music to my mom, she would always quiz me about artists and song titles when I was little.

-I have a record collection that I cherish. I have everything from Frank Sinatra, Duran Duran, Eazy-E, to Drake on vinyl.

-I assistant coach powerlifting at Eau Claire North High School.  If I could just inspire even one girl, that would mean the world to me. I want to help these girls grow up to be strong physically and mentally.

-Last but not least…I LOVE stickers.

Hopefully that helped get to know me better than a long boring bio. BUT if you do want to read a more serious article on me, how I started lifting, and what I have achieved thus far check out my first article on Iron Authority titled “The New Kid On The Block.”

Mariah Hamm Podium


I have been lifting for seven years this December. Once I picked up my first weight I never looked back. The lifter I have become has only really developed over the past three years when I decided to devote my life to it and make powerlifting my lifestyle –not just an hour or two lifting in the gym. Once I started changing my diet, sleeping habits, and making powerlifting my number one priority things really started looking up! I am a HUGE believer in a couple general rules: train like you compete and accomplish all the “little things” daily. These simple rules (yes, there are a plethora more to abide by as well,  but these are my number 1’s). The “little things” as I call them differ for everyone but for me this means getting enough sleep, drinking a certain amount of water, etc, etc. It takes a truly dedicated person to accomplish such things EVERY day. And in my eyes only the truly dedicated and determined come out on top.

As far as training goes, I train 4-5 days a week depending on where I am at in my season. My programs vary greatly because I like to try new exercises and routines. I hate doing the same stuff over and over. I get bored and my body gets bored. I recently just started incorporating Olympic lifting on Saturdays and I also really enjoy doing strongman activities like tire flips, etc. I REALLY wish I had a place with atlas stones and a yoke!

Supplements are an important part of my training as well. I only take the essential basics: whey isolate, creatine, BCAAs, and a multi vitamin. I love my whey isolate, it’s the best tasting stuff on this planet and I usually make a big ‘ol protein pancake for breakfast (egg whites, protein powder, almond milk, and cinnamon).


Upcoming Meets

I recently decided to submit my application to the Arnold! I am BEYOND excited for that meet because I have been dying to attend it the past several years – and now I get to lift in it! It also makes for an awesome reunion with my powerlifting “family.” I did not make the U.S. Jr Team this year so I have not seen most of my friends since last April unfortunately. All in all I am so grateful that I will be competing at the Arnold and am looking forward to seeing some exceptionally talented lifters.

Also, If you did not read my last article, I competed in a raw meet two weeks ago (my first raw meet in four years). I totaled 1,000 lbs and set a few American raw records. It was a such a great experience, I even surprised myself with that total. I may have to consider raw lifting in my future!



Before I sign off, I would like to take the time to remind each and every one of you that we as humans are beautiful machines. We just need to unleash those machines. We were not designed to be lazy, couch potatoes that eat McDonald’s every day. We are capable of accomplishing remarkable feats. The only way to do this is to keep your body in mind throughout your life. Keep in mind the impacts of low exercise and ugly eating habits. Realize how important it is, you only get this one life to live, and you only get this one body to live it in. So why not truly discover what your body is capable of?




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  1. Patrica & Dave Hamm /

    You are amaazing as always! Besides being the athlete that you are, you have become a wonderful writer. x0

  2. Carol Johnson /

    I follow you through your grandma and grandpa Hamm…You are so talented and beautiful through and through.
    You honor all women!!

  3. Congrats Mariah!!!! Great article.

  4. Mary Boquist /

    Mariah, I am so proud to be your Great Aunt. Love watching you compete on the web sites. Your work ethics are awesome! Never change! Love, Aunt Mary

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