Jan 10, 2013


By: Brady Stewart

This isn’t so much an article as it is some thoughts I had while taking a month off from training.

Taking that month off has allowed me to relax, reflect, and recharge.  Specifically talking to the reflection side of things, I have had some deep thoughts on training, competing, and the training thought processes of strength athletes.  The following are a few of them.

1)  NOTHING ABOUT STRENGTH TRAINING IS SET IN STONE.  Do what you need to do to get stronger.  Even if that goes against popular/common knowledge.  Take control of YOUR training.

2)  If you want to be average, do what is popular and do what everyone else is doing.  If you want to be extraordinary, pave YOUR own way.  No one is going to hold your hand to achieving World Class levels of strength.  Your decisions directly design who and what you are and will become.  Don’t make the fatal training mistake of falling for any one school of thought.

3)   Become so confident that failure ceases to exist.  Never let one negative thought or fear enter your psyche.  You have to have an indomitable will to push the limits of your strength potential.  Your potential is much higher than you’ll ever know.

4)  Lift with bad intentions.  Put some brutality into your training.  Stop approaching the bar with a meek/gentle temperament.  If that bar had a soul…destroy it with your physical abilities.  Be cruel to the bar.  It is fighting you every step of the way.  Are you going to let it beat you?  Hell no.  Your mission in the gym should be dominating every millimeter of movement that the bar is in motion.

5)  Pay attention to this one.  You will have much more faith in your training when you discover for yourself the philosophies that make you stronger.  This piggy backs on #1.  A lot about strength training and getting stronger is about self actualization.  Realizing what it takes to achieve the results you desire is probably the most important attribute that most world class lifters develop early on.

6)  What does it take?  It takes everything you’ve got.  To accomplish something that hasn’t yet happened, we have to be willing to do things we’ve never done.  

7)   It takes more than just the perfect training program to become great.  It takes attitude and positivity.  Believe in yourself, in your abilities, and never let anyone put a limitation on you.  

This is just my short list.  I’ll be discussing more in future articles and on our new podcast ‘Berserker Strength Radio’ with Brady Stewart and Josh Hunt.  It will cover the serious side of strength athletics and the not so serious side.  It’ll be a good time either way.


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