Jul 23, 2013

My shoulders Suckems.  They were on the sore side today.  Probably because I manually dug a post hole with a post hole digger.  Jacked me all up again.  The things I do for love…

This is what I did…  The post hole was for a bluebird house.  I had to dig 2 feet into hard clay.


So training today was just alright.  I did my regular light benching, then I followed that up with some higher rep sets.

Raw Bench Press 355 x4x6 @7

Kettle Bell Military Press
25s x5x20 SUPER LIGHT

Bench Press / Banded Pullaparts
45 x30 / 2 micro minis x20
45 x30 / 2 micro minis x20
45 x30 / 2 micro minis x20
45 x100 SUPER EASY

External Rotations
10s x40

200 x3x10
250 x10, this was surprisingly easy.  Grip is a good indicator of general strength capacity without doing much work.  In other words, if your grip is strong, you will be strong…

I am really digging the way that the kettlebells feel.  If I had the disposable funds to purchase heavier bells, I would probably get pairs of 40s – 100s.  Despite my shoulders hurting so bad, they are actually one of my strongest muscle groups.  I’d really like to get back into doing sets with 100lbs dumbbells like I could back in college.  However, I think that the kettle bells feel a little easier on the joints…not as stressful.


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