Dizzy in Disney – Universal Power & Fitness

Dizzy in Disney – Universal Power & Fitness

Oct 17, 2012

Travel to Orlando, Florida, for a Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) conference of over 1000 manufacturing and consulting reliability engineers. After taking a backwards step from progress in all areas, there is a competition on October 20, 2012, which is also an autism fundraiser at Progressive Sports Performance (see previous posting on this gym in Northbrook, Illinois) and come along to join us for this worthy cause.

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In the meantime, I needed to get in one last deadlift to determine my opener for the 20th. My intention is to treat it as a long workout in preparation for the WPC World Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships on November 6-11, 2012, in Vegas. There are several powerlifting gyms in the area with specific public hours including Tampa Barbell and Orlando Barbell. However, they are farther away than would fit my schedule on this trip. As a result, I selected Universal Power & Fitness (http://www.upforlando.com) which has acceptable hours and was located approximately 20 minutes away.

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They had basic equipment including cables, dumbells, benches, and a deadlift platform. The bars are general commercial gym quality and the equipment is in reasonably good condition. There is plenty of weight for a good training session and chalk is allowed. I would recommend this gym if you are in the Orlando area.

Ratings: Hours – 4/5; Equipment – 3/5 condition and 3/5 powerlifting friendly; Ability to Train – 4/5; Atmosphere – 3/5; and, Location – 3/5.

Training on Tuesday, October 16, 2012: Deadlift to opener, cable hip thrust, grip exercises, light back.


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