Domination Benching 7/16/2012

Domination Benching 7/16/2012

Jul 16, 2012

Felt kind of strange during this training session.  It was likely the heat coupled with the mindset that I had the laborious task to go really heavy today.  We have no A/C in the Belleville Weightlifting Club.  So, I’ve decided that there really is no point in ever complaining about it.  If we dwell on it, then we let it defeat us and gives us excuses for our training to not go so well.  Either embrace the adversities of training, or let them get the best of you.  It is a decision.  My decision is made.  The heat has only begun and I will never let it be an excuse for my training.  It is what it is.

Bodyweight 262.8

Equipped Bench Press (52 Super Katana)
655 x1 @10, shirt collar high
685 x1 @9
715 x1 @10

2Board Press
745 x1 @9, better than last week by a full RPE

1 Board Press
715 x1 @9.5, better than last week

Close Grip Bench Press
295 x2x10 @7

Lat Pulldowns
180 x4x15 @7

Bar Bench Press
45lbs x2x50 @1

Some things about todays training I liked, others I wasn’t too happy with.  655 touched a bit too low.  685 was absolutely dominated.  715 had a slow lockout, but a legal one.   The board work was much better than last week.

I’ll probably go with a 54 Super Katana next week.  I don’t want to go to nationals leaving it in the hands of the judges again and have them think that I am touching too low.  I WILL DOMINATE EVERY ATTEMPT.  I WILL GET 9 WHITE LIGHTS.


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