Domination Benching 7/30/12

Domination Benching 7/30/12

Jul 30, 2012

Had some guys from Chuck Trosper’s Powerbody Gym visit the Belleville Weightlifting Club today!  We had a really good time.  Saw a couple of guys (who have attended one of our seminars) hit big PR’s today.

One of which was Matt Hoosier.  Blessed with amazing leverages, this 148 pounder benched a personal best of 350.  Sam went in raw and benched 215…a long way from the 155lb bench he had 4 weeks ago.  I’d say they learned a few things!

Equipped Bench Press (Super Katana 54)
655 x1
675 x1
695 x1 , proved to myself that I could hit 700 in a 54…not bad!

2 Board
695 x2, didn’t have my wraps tightened enough and missed the third rep.  Not a big deal…BIG SHIRT and crap wraps.

1 Board
665 x3, wraps on good and tight!

Close Grip Bench Press
315 x2x8 @7

Lats x4x15

I do think that I will go with the 52 for nationals.  The 54 just didn’t have the support that I needed through lockout.  It will however, be a really amazing training shirt!  I could feel my muscles working quite a bit more.  I think it will work wonders for future training cycles.

On another note, Dana took 500 for a ride tonight!  With a few tweaks in his setup, grip, and wraps…he came back and pushed it out!


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