Domination Benching 7/9/12

Domination Benching 7/9/12

Jul 9, 2012

This was probably one of the best training days I’ve had in the shirt.  Things felt great.  The setups felt tight and rigid.  I was also breaking in a new shirt from Titan.  A stock 52 with the arms tightened.  My left shoulder just under the AC Joint has been flaring up a bit.  Nothing too crazy at this point.  I have an ART appointment tomorrow with Dr. Scott Underwood.  He’ll be cleaning up the pecs, working the soft tissues surrounding the AC joint and doing some adjustments.  I stuck with singles on the 2 and 1 board instead of triples because of the shoulder.  So, I decided to go a little heavier on the boards.

Equipped Bench Press – full range
655 x1
685 x1
715 x1

2 Board
745 x1

1 Board
715 x1 …very easy.  Probably the best set of the day and surprisingly the last heavy bench press set!

Close Grip Bench Press
295 x2x10 @7

Lat Pulldowns
180 x4x15 …easy



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