Domination Benching July 2

Domination Benching July 2

Jul 2, 2012

Really good training day.  I lifted in an older shirt today.  It had a 1.5 inch bigger chest plate than the one I wore last week, so I decided to go slightly lighter.  The right arm needs to be tightened up a bit.  I’ll send it for alteration after I get my next customs in the mail this week.

Equipped Bench Press
655 x1, much better than last week
685 x1, better than last week
700 x1, nailed it

2 Board Press
730 x1

1 Board Press
700 x1 … SMOKED

Close Grip Bench
295 x2x10 @7

180 x4x15

I had the seminar this past weekend and I learned a lot about myself and what I know as I was teaching and sharing information to the attendees.  I’ve really developed a lot of knowledge over the years that we’ve (me and training partners) been cultivating over the past 5 years.  Its like we’ve lived and trained in this bubble for so long that we’ve lost touch with the outside.  I plan on bringing what we know to the public.  Monster weights will be pressed by those who seek this knowledge.  Check out the E-Coaching section for more info.  Fill out the form and I’ll get with you shortly.


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