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If any of you read my training log, you’ll notice that I list many of my training sessions as ‘Domination Training’.  I train to dominate everything about my training, planning, programming, sets, reps, psychology, etc.  Domination Training is more than an attitude.  It holds the blueprints for your success in strength sports!  This is a living list, which means that it will be changing/evolving over time.  If you have a good bullet point that you’d like to add, just post in the comments!  I’ve developed some tips, mental adjustments, and tweaks to bring me to the next level.  My hopes is that this philosophy will take you to the next level.

1. Every rep of every set must be completely controlled with precision

2. Crush the bar. If the bar had a soul, you would destroy it with your grip!

3. NEVER miss a rep EVER!

4. Don’t check your ego in at the door of the gym, bury it in your backyard!

5. Respect the bar and the weight that is loaded at all times. Doesn’t matter if its 45lbs or 850lbs.

6. Never get complacent on any rep of any set, including warm-ups.

7. Push, pull, and squat like your life depended on it!

8. Focus your energy on moving your attempts with finesse and perfection.

9. Always approach the bar with complete confidence.

10. Every rep must lockout. Hold every rep at the top for a second before starting the next rep.

11. Never hesitate through a set…remember focus on one rep at a time. Make them perfect.

12. Always think positively, negative attitudes will infect your mind and destroy your training.

13. Every attempt can be made better with a technical setup. Each time you setup any of the lifts, make it your mission to setup better than the last set. Do this every time. Efficiency saves energy.

14. In the Bench Press: Your setup must be as rigid as humanly possible. Imagine someone with a .50 caliber pistol shooting at your body and the bullet explodes on impact because your body has turned into a Titanium statue.  That is how tight and rigid you should feel.

15.  Never settle for average results.  Demand progress at all times.

16.  If you haven’t done something today to make you a better person or athlete.  You aren’t moving forward, you are moving backward.

17.  Don’t train or compete with a badass attitude.  You aren’t a badass, you are a strength athlete.  Act like one!  If you think it’s badass to have a scowl on your face when competing you probably suck anyways.  No one likes a jackass.  Try smiling, getting along with your competition, and enjoy doing something you love.  You’ll be remembered by how you carry yourself.  Do so with dignity.

18.  In competition, you EARNED the total you got.  You NEVER deserve a certain goal total or weight lifted.  Stop crying about your results and train smarter for the next competition.  Always look forward, never backward.

19.  As an athlete, the only person holding you back is yourself. There is no one else to blame for your failures. Your current state of health and fitness is the direct result of the training, effort, and dedication you have put in up until this point in your life!

20.  Be calm like a bomb.  Don’t waste your energy putting on a show by grunting and making a scene.  Conserve it for the lift.  Learn how to unleash your inner fury when it matters most…when you are lifting.  Be efficient with your energy.

21.  Realize that strength isn’t a sprint.  It is a marathon.  Its easy to lose sight of long term growth when we are only focusing on the next competition.  Not all strength gains are permanent.  Athletes who are ‘flashes in the pan’ are a dime a dozen.  However, learning and understanding how to yield permanent gains in strength and stringing together a long list of successful competitions will take you one step closer to achieving greatness!

22.  It doesn’t matter how you feel, your brain is lying to you!  If you feel tired and weak, get your head out of your rear end and tell yourself that it’s a lie.  You can still train very well if you pick yourself up and train with focus.  Don’t let your brain speak for your body.  Never let it get in your way.

The infinite point: DOMINATE YOUR TRAINING


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