Domination Training 6/18

Domination Training 6/18

Jun 19, 2012

Monday 6/18 was another night of DOMINATING the bench.

All the focus is on now is high quality training.

Equipped Bench Press
655 x1 @8
685 x1 @9
715 x1  @10 – to a piece of foam

715 x3 @9

1 Board
685 x3 @10

Super Close Grip Raw
295 x2x12 @7

170 x3x15

It was a full 100 degrees at the Belleville Weightlifting Club.  We do not have A/C.  If you can train here, you can compete anywhere.  The lockout is feeling much more efficient.  The setup is feeling extremely rigid and tight.  Things are feeling great and looking up.  ‘Domination Training’ is all about attitude.  Having positive confidence in what you do and taking control of your training.  Its also about never missing a rep.  If you never miss in training, you’ll likely never miss in competition.  Train to dominate, train to win.  Perfection and technical mastery are the keys to domination.

Dana did exceptionally well also.  Well into his fifties and his poised to eclipse 500lbs weighing about 200.

Victory loves preparation.


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