Domination Training

Domination Training

May 6, 2012

Last week was simply pure domination of weights.  Here is how it went.

Equipped Bench Press
655 x1
685 x1
715 x1

2 Board Press
715 x3

1 Board Press
685 x3

655 x1

Lat Pulldowns x4x15
Rotator Cuff Exercises

Wide Grip Bench
410 x5x2, really easy

Lat Pulldowns x4x15

Close Grip Bench
385 x5x3, really easy

Squats x8


Other than the heavy bench presses on Monday, I’ve been keeping the pressing pretty light the rest of the week, putting a priority on recovery with maintenance level weights.  So far, its working very well.

Handling the heavy weights (on mondays) week in and week out has done wonders for my confidence under 700lb loads.  The plan is to amp up to a rather large bench press at bench press nationals.  Between now and then will be a lot of technical training dialing in my form and performing competition quality lifts.

I decided to do the USA Powerlifting Illinois State Championships on May 19.  Hopefully everything is lined up for a giant bench by then.  I don’t like calling my shots, but I do have hopes of smashing some records and increasing my USA Powerlifting record of having the largest drug-free bench press in the state of Illinois.  My record is currently 683lbs.  I want to destroy this record.  Wish me luck.


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