Doubles for Worlds

Doubles for Worlds

Sep 12, 2014

Well it is about time I got back to writing. I have been busy with birthdays, meet in San Antonio, college with one son, building a website, and getting ready for this upcoming meet. Anyways to the training.

This article compromises of all 3 lifts that are doubles before doing next week’s openers. However since I just did a bench meet 3 weeks ago I backed off on the bench. I am primed and am cautious about over training. Last year’s World 3 lift meet I remember laboring all 3 attempts (all good lifts) and don’t want to go through that again. I need all the successful attempts I can get considering I will be competing in Czech Republic.

After San Antonio meet my first squat and bench workouts were rough. I went completely raw on the bench and not doing much noteworthy nor did I care. The squat just felt heavy, probably from the extended break I took from before the meet. The crazy thing is my deadlift felt great the week after the meet and this workout I am posting it hit its best double for over 2 years. Yes I am excited. My deadlift was a best 584 at 198 and has plummeted due to a nerve issue. Last two workouts I have taken Naproxen Sodium, 800 mg, before lifting. I split the dose up during the day. I believe this alleviated the pinch and my back felt pain free. 2 workouts in a row with prs, within the last 2 years, is a cause for optimism.

Off to the workouts.


September 3

Deadlift very happy

245 3, 2, 1 reps conventional /sumo raw

335 3 reps sumo raw

425 2 reps raw

465 1 suit straps down

505 2 straps up

535 2 straps up


September 8


455 2 reps no wraps…. suit straps down

520 2 reps wraps              “              “

565 1 rep straps up …My feeler set

585 2 reps full gear felt heavy but happy with it…. Could be deeper


Leg press

360 5 reps

500 5 reps

630 5 reps


September 10

Bench content with it

335 2 reps raw

375 1 rep

425 2 reps with Large RAM

495 3 reps 3 board shirt

535 2 reps 2 board

565 1 rep 2 board

575 1 rep 1 board

435 2 reps Large Ram

470 1 rep MISS was expecting 2 reps weight felt light but was way off my estimation

315 5 reps mid grip


Like I stated before this is my last heavy workouts and next week is my openers.


Till next week.

Focus First.


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