Dying to Deadlift

Dying to Deadlift

Nov 12, 2012

All week long I look forward to Friday. Its the start of the weekend, no class, and most importantly its deadlift day! If you don’t know I am a serious deadlift enthusiast, and it was the first lift I started doing. To warm up for my dead I always start with some light squat. However, recently I’ve started to do close stance high bar squat to warm up. I’ve always worked high bar to work my quads, so bringing my stance in close really puts the load on ’em. 4 sets of 65% close stance squat and my quads are burning, my hips are loose, and I’m ready to pick up something heavy. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on strictly conventional to strengthen my back and improve my lockout. I’ve also been invited to lift a barbell made out of solid granite stones connected by a metal bar that weighs around 650 lbs, and the only way I can fit inside it is if I do conventional, so that’s the real reason. I’ll be sure to post video of it when I try it. But anyways, I’ve been touching weight that I’ve never dreamed of conventional. My training cycle called for about 570 (85%) for sets of 3. I was really surprised how easy the weight flew up, seeing that the most I’ve ever touched before this cycle was 495, so I’m doing something right. Finished up with Romanian deadlifts, shrugs, high pulls, dumbell rows, and some abs. High pulls are something new that I’m trying out to work on my explosiveness off the ground, so I’ll let y’all know how that goes. And my dad swears by dumbell rows too, so I’m trying that out. They really work your grip and your upper back, especially if you go heavy (I use 120lbs for 3×6 on each arm). Hope everybody had a blessed deadlift day!
“Winners are made by the last lift of the meet” -Gene Bell Jr.

-Ian Bell


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