E-Coaching with Brady Stewart

E-Coaching with Brady Stewart

Dec 28, 2012


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Brady Stewart, owner of Iron Authority, Inc is now offering E-Coaching through telephone consultations and email correspondence!  He is fresh off the IPF Titan Pro Bench Press Championships at the Arnold Classic and the USAPL Illinois State Championships.  He successfully pressed 310k / 683lbs at both contests, making him the most decorated and strongest bench presser ever in the state of Illinois under the standards of the International Powerlifting Federation, the governing body of powerlifting worldwide.  His presses exceed the best presses of other Illinois greats…IPF legends Ed Coan and Mike Bridges.  He is also a member of Team 4Life.  Team 4Life is a group of world-renowned athletes who excel in their disciplines and endorse 4Life Transfer Factor®products.

Brady has developed a foolproof system that most bench pressers, powerlifters, and strength enthusiasts can follow regardless of strength level.  He can tailor this system to anyone’s level of fitness, age, and time constraints.  No two programs for any one of our clients will be exactly the same.  We understand that you are an individual and take your time very seriously.  Brady has coached high school, collegiate, over 40, elite, and world class athletes with extreme success.  Many of which have medalled and placed in the top 3 in their weight class nationally and internationally.

We charge for phone consultations per hour for $30.  We have a couple of slots left, they are filling up fast, so if you are on the fence, we recommend jumping on it.  Most of our clients are seeing 20-40lb gains within a couple of weeks.  If you want a week-by-week training program, we charge by the week at $30 a week.  This would also include weekly correspondence through email.  As the demand for my services increases, so will the price, but if you sign up for this service now, you’ll be locked into this price.  What we sell is backed by pure analytical science.  If you are serious about your training and need a fresh perspective, we highly recommend a phone consultation.

For U.S. Residents, Coaching Consultation will take place via phone call.  Brady will contact you within 24hours of ordering this service and schedule the consultation.

For all other countries, Coaching Consultation will take place over Facebook Messenger.  Brady will contact you within 24hours of ordering this service and schedule the consultation.

Services (consultations, training programs, etc.) are not eligible for refund.



Brady’s IPF World Record Bench Press Attempt.  (3rd lift)


Here is video from the IPF/NAPF North American Bench Press Championships…  The 3rd bench press attempt was 325.5k / 717lbs weighing only 120k / 264.5lbs.  If successful, it would have been the new World Record…  Drug tested to the WADA/Olympic standard.


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  1. Jackson /

    Just submitted my info! I’ve read a lot about you and am excited to get coached by one of the best bench pressers in the world. On another note, your 717lb attempt looked close! You’ll definitely get it next time.

  2. Many of our athletes have been progressing very well. One just put a 50lb PR on his total in 4 weeks, another 15lbs on his already massive bench press (going from 555-570) in 3 weeks, another quickly approaching a 500lb raw bench press, and many more! I’ll likely create a success page at some point. Right now I am focusing on creating an army of big lifters with continual progress.

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