May 31, 2012

Brady Stewart, owner of Iron Authority, Inc is now offering E-Coaching through telephone consultations and email correspondence!  He is fresh off the IPF Titan Pro Bench Press Championships at the Arnold Classic and the USAPL Illinois State Championships.  He successfully pressed 320k / 705lbs at both contests, making him the most decorated and strongest bench presser ever in the state of Illinois under the standards of the International Powerlifting Federation, the governing body of powerlifting worldwide.  His presses exceed the best presses of other Illinois greats…IPF legends Ed Coan and Mike Bridges.  He is also a member of Team 4Life.  Team 4Life is a group of world-renowned athletes who excel in their disciplines and endorse 4Life Transfer Factor®products.

Brady has developed a foolproof system that most bench pressers, powerlifters, and strength enthusiasts can follow regardless of strength level.  He can tailor this system to anyone’s level of fitness, age, and time constraints.  No two programs for any one of our clients will be exactly the same.  We understand that you are an individual and take your time very seriously.  Brady has coached high school, collegiate, over 40, elite, and world class athletes with extreme success.  Many of which have medalled and placed in the top 3 in their weight class nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in this system, fill out the form below.  We charge for phone consultations per hour for $25.  We have a couple of slots left, they are filling up fast, so if you are on the fence, we recommend jumping on it.  Most of our clients are seeing 20-40lb gains within a couple of weeks.  If you want a week-by-week training program, we charge by the week at $25 a week.  This would also include weekly correspondence through email.  As the demand for my services increases, so will the price, but if you sign up for this service now, you’ll be locked into this price.  What we sell is backed by pure analytical science.  If you are serious about your training and need a fresh perspective, we highly recommend a phone consultation.

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Here is video from the USAPL IL State Championships…  This bench press attempt was 325.5k / 717lbs weighing only 120k / 264.5lbs.  If successful, it would have been the new American Record and would have exceeded the current world record…  Drug tested to the WADA/Olympic standard.


I started working with Brady just a few weeks before the 2012 USAPL Men’s National Championships hoping that I could right the ship and bench well in a meet.  Brady did an extremely good job explaining how to position the shirt for different weights/attempts (stuff that I thought I would have to learn in person) and the technique of equipped benching.  He did not merely explain how he benches, but analyzed my videos and explained how his technique applies to my own levers, particularly as it relates to how much I should tuck my elbows.

When things were going wrong in the warm-up room, with my last warm-up a real struggle, as I was awaiting my opener I went back to the things Brady had taught me, repositioned my shirt, and went 3/3 on bench (something I hadn’t done in 3 years) and hit a 50 pound meet PR.  After two phone conversations with Brady my understanding of equipped benching grew exponentially, and I have little reason to doubt that this momentum will slow very much as my 380 bench was the easiest of my attempts.   I give Brady’s coaching my highest recommendation and look forward to continuing to benefit from his knowledge.

-Matt Rodock


One month into Brady Stewart’s Iron Authority bench press training for the USAPL Bench Press Nationals and the results are great. My PR bench press was a 556lbs effort back in April at Collegiate Nationals. I originally got into the sport as a bench press specialist finally getting into full meets after getting with Gene Bell and learning the squat and the deadlift. Bench Nationals has been a dream of mine since I first began lifting late 2009, finally after hitting my bench at collegiates I felt I was ready. I hadn’t run a bench only training cycle for well over a year, and had no idea where to start. I reached out to Brady knowing his history in the sport and following his competitions closely via live stream and other means. After talking to him and seeing the dense knowledge he has I knew I had made the right choice. You may ask why I did not go with something my coach and mentor Gene Bell wanted, common sense would tell you to go with the 10+ time world champion right? One of the biggest lessons Gene has taught me these last couple of years, is to constantly seek knowledge and figure out what works for you. He believes the best lifters are ones who never stop learning and who are consistent in their endeavors. Brady is a bench specialist with a resume filled with accolades benchers dream of, Gene thought it was a great Idea I went through him for my training.

At first I was lost, Brady spoke of ‘RPE’ and other terms I had heard of via his friend Mike Tuscherer’s RTS training. Once he broke it down for me I understood, and loved this ‘scientific’ and more logical way to go about picking weights and challenging your body in training. I am not a beginner lifter, I’m at a point between advanced, and elite in all of my numbers from my squat to my deadlift.  My bench press has always been big but only above average at the national level, I knew what I wanted and Brady’s training is what I expect to help me cross over into the ‘elite’ status of benchers.  Just 4 weeks into his training I singled 570lbs twice on my third and 4th sets of the day after hitting 535lbs and 555lbs. I have been dieting and eating cleaner with excellent results, my recovery has never been better and the training has never been more brutal! I train in a gym with no air conditioning, it has been 90-105 degrees in the gym every day of training, along with losing some size because of the diet making my shirt looser ( I can put it on myself) gets me excited when I think about competing in an air conditioned room in a tight shirt come August. Brady has had me remove myself from any number in my head, the idea of RPE is to think of weight as resistance your body feels rather than a number on a bar, and I love it. The training is not easy, in fact it is the hardest I have ever trained my bench press. It requires me to be humble and completely honest with myself, mental toughness is really tested on the board work and the final single of the day. By the time you get to close grip benches and your accessory work you are spent. What I like most is that I am touching my chest every single day with heavy weight near my PR. Too many times in my bench training before I was a board press king, which was a killer come meet time. Brady stresses technique more than anything, I have to learn the shirt and learn my groove to be successful, this training forces you to do just that and is not for the feint of heart.  At barely 21 years old, I know I am on the right track to what I want but I am still young and inexperienced in many aspects. Having men like Brady and Gene to guide me in my training puts me ahead of everyone else on earth, I can’t think of anyone else with coaches like I have, not to mention the World’s Strongest Women Jill MIlls is in my corner as well. Take a moment and look through this website, everything is right at your finger tips and readily available for your use, the kind of information Brady shares on here would cost you tons of money were it coming from a ‘Fitness Guru’ in Los Angeles. Iron Authority is a good thing to have in this sport, we all want powerlifting to become something bigger than it is right now, and men like Mike and Brady are doing their damndest to see it through. I am going on my 5th week of training, about half way through our 12week cycle planned. With a 15lb Pr already, I get chills thinking about what I will achieve in Palm Springs come August. If you are reading this wondering if you should pick Iron Authority and Brady Stewart, stop hesitating, it will get you killed in this life. Take a dive into this monster bench press program and reap the rewards sure to come. For now with about 6 weeks left until show time, I’m back to my grind like the rest of my competition, trying to become something bigger and better, chasing my dream.

-Ryan Carrillo



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  1. Mat Hoosier /

    The first time i had put on my bench shirt in almost a year was when Brady put on a bench press seminar at Powerbody USA. Before that my best bench was a 315 at 148lbs. I had never really considered myself a strong bencher. At the seminar Brady held a hands on portion where with his technique and help i benched a 330 and nearly missed a 350lb bench. That was on June 30th. Today, August 6th, I smoked a 370. In around 5 weeks i put on 40lbs on my best bench. With Brady’s advice, techniques, guidence and hard work on your part, success is almost guranteed. I highly reccommend Brady’s coaching to anyone who not only wants to progress at the bench press, but excell at it. I have never been more confident in my bench and am really looking foward to benching in my next equipped meet!

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