Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Apr 11, 2013

For years in high school and college I would eat what I wanted and just worked out and played sports for hours so I would never be out of shape. I brought that same mentality in to powerlifting and had to change it. I have also made some life changes in my diet due to high blood pressure. The first was soda. Then it was fried foods, fast food and refined carbs. I wondered if my strength would be affected by this change so I made subtle slow changes. I went to diet sodas and ate multi grain and wheat pasta. I keep red meat eating down to once a week or a night before a competition.

During the work week, my diet now consists of:
A cup of water upon waking.
Meal 1: A cup of coffee or grean tea to rev up the metabolism, MHP Up Your Mass Shake, four strips of turkey bacon and a cup of oatmeal.
Meal 2: Protein shake just before I get to work.
Meal 3: Salad & Chicken Breast or Turkey Burger
Meal 4: Chicken,Tilapia, Salmon or Turkey Burger and vegetables (Broccoli, greean beans or a medley)
Meal 5: Salad & Chicken Breast or Turkey Burger
Training: Fruit and preworkout drink
Post Training: Protein shake
Meal 6: Chicken, Tilapia or Salmon,vegetables, brown rice or a baked potato.
Meal 7: Casein shake

This varies on the weekend and competition time. For example the night before the competition I like to get the chicken alfredo from Pizza Hut (dont judge me I hit a raw 507 and raw 551 on the bench press the next day each time I ate that.) Sometimes I will have a steak and a broccoli and cheese baked potato. The morning of a meet I like an egg white omelette and pancakes. General saturdays my breakfast includes pancakes and I will waiver from my diet (otherwise known as a cheat meal).

Its a journey and I have tweeked and changed meals around and this one has worked the best because It allows me to keep the strength I need for training but I still can shed body fat and keep up my health.

Next blog I might let you Roody Poos get a look at my training workout. Until then, Everybody wanna be a powerlifter but dont nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight! God Bless.


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