Eating Healthy On A Budget

Eating Healthy On A Budget

Jun 16, 2016


Nothing to fear. Captain IA is here!!!

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Since I don’t like to waste time, let’s get straight into it.


Over the years I’ve noticed eating healthy is the one thing that people seam to struggle with most. I hear Stuff like “I don’t know any good recipes” or “I don’t have time” but the most frequent one is “It’s too much money to eat healthy”.


In this breakdown I’m going to prove that WRONG! In following weeks I will add to this series with recipes, prepping meals for the next few days to save time and eating healthy while traveling.


All food listed were bought at Costco. I understand prices fluctuate with time and from place to place but so do the prices everywhere else.

I recommend buying your meats at Costco over regular food stores because in my experience the meat is better quality and cheaper with the exception of sales.  Plus you can get a lot all at once and not have to drive to 5 different places.

This is my list of essentials, which are mostly meats because they tend to be the most expensive and being that I’m 235lbs, I need a lot of meat.  So let’s get to it shall we.



Eating healthy on a budget came to $124.  The breakdown is as shown.

  • Chicken per serving $24per bag/ $1.04 per serving and a total of 22 servings per 10 pound bag.
  • Broccoli per bag $6.21/ $0.23 per serving with 27 servings per bag.
  • Jasmin rice $8.10 per bag/$0.18 per serving with 45 servings per bag. You can get whatever rice you want but this is what I bought.
  •  Ground turkey $17.50 per pack/ $1.25 per serving with 14 servings per pack.
  •  Eggs $14per 7.5 dozen pack (Note that the price of these went down to $8 after writing this. So total price is actually less) $1.13 per serving (7 eggs per serving ) 16 cents per egg. Seven and a half dozen per pack and they lasts 12 days.
  • Flank steak, $30/ $3.00 per serving with 10 servings per pack.

This is 2 weeks of meals for me. That’s only $62 per week! 248 per month! I get to eat clean and more times per day for much, MUCH less.

You can add fish to this if you like and would only be another $20 or so . I’m not a big fish guy.


Now I can go on and on about how I stretched $124 into 2weeks and some things lasting 3weeks like the rice etc but I figured I’d put it all in one lump trip to the store because that’s what most will do if they haven’t done this before.

On average this is $1.97 per meal. I’d also like to mention that I rounded up with the ounces that I eat per meal for My protein so the price is actually less per meal and the total price includes other miscellaneous things that were not mentioned above such as juice, cereals etc. So if you were to only add up the food mentioned the total would be about $100 or less.  For reference I eat 7 ounces of any of the meats per meal getting roughly three to four whole meals per day. If you’re smaller than me and your needs are less, this will last you longer. If you’re bigger than me it will last you a little less time. Either way I dare you to find a takeout place that will be as healthy for you and anywhere near as cheap as this. So don’t tell me you can’t eat clean because you don’t have money. Most people spend more money on their lunch break than they would in 2 full days of eating healthy meals.

Now that you know how inexpensive it is to eat healthy, what are waiting for. You’ll Look better, eat better and your wallet will thank me.

If you have any questions just leave a comment.

Shop better, eat better, live better…. BE BETTER!





If you found this article helpful please share it. Thanks.

– Jack DiBenedetto



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