Enjoying Raw Meet! Illinois APF/AAPF Raw Power

Enjoying Raw Meet!  Illinois APF/AAPF Raw Power

Dec 11, 2012

This past weekend was the APF/AAPF Raw Power competition in Willowbrook, Illinois at Right Fit. Nope, I did not go back on what I said – I did not compete. However, I feel it is very important in anything you do to ‘give back.’ A number of us did so through working the competition as volunteers – setup/teardown, judges, spotters, loaders, scorekeeper(s) and announcer(s). Can’t forget spectators when you have a competition that lasts about 12 hours! Yep, two flights bench press only (25 competitors) and three flights full power (50 lifters).


I served as the scorekeeper which is performed using an electronic spreadsheet and handwritten forms (backup in case – very important as we learned at the WPC Worlds). While the software performed much of the work, such as keeping lifters in order on the screen, automated scoring, etc., keeping track of lifters’ next attempts while simultaneously keeping the cards in order for the announcer and tracking good/bad lifts is intense. Especially when it is a raw meet and everything moves very, very quickly! Let’s just say – I will never interrupt, bother or interfere with a scorekeeper again!

Eric and Howard
[Above: Eric Stone Announcing Bench Press Winners, I’m sitting in the background taking a brain break!]

The competition involved a lot of first time lifters, a lot of female lifters, and a couple of disabled youngsters who had seen our powerlifting team training (Right Fit does personal training for athletes, general personal training, and also has specialty programs for disabled children and adults – it is also the home of Team Stone) who were entered into the bench only competition. Both did outstanding!

Armando Eric Marissa trophy

There were a large number of new lifters, which is always exciting! As well as a great many female lifters of all ages. One of my teammates, Sally, did bench only while having her daughter and grandchild watching.

Grandma is strong

Past Week:

12/4/2012 – Bench Day
Bench 2xbarx8, 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×3; super ram 315×5; reverse bands 405×3, 455×3, 495×2, 525×1; Reverse bands and super ram 545×1; Chest Supported Row 135×12, 225×10, 270×8, 315×6; Hammer Military Press 4x135x20; Triceps straight bar 4x120x20 and rope 120×6; Cable curls 4x80x15

12/5/12 – Deadlift Day
2” Deficit Deadlift 2x135x8, viking brief 225×5, 315×5, 405×3, 455×1; Spider bar squats 135×5, 3x225x5; Rack Pulls 245×5 (shrugsx8), 335×3, 425×3 (shrugsx12), 515×3 (shrugsx6), 605×1

12/7/12 – Bench Day (Equipped)
Raw 100×8, 140×5, 230×3, shirt 385×3 (3bd), 3x440x3 (2bd), 460×2 (3bd); face pulls 3 sets failure at 20 reps; Triceps pulldowns (cable)

12/8/12 – Squat Day (Equipped) – skipped while setting up for Sunday meet

12/10/12 – Bench Day (swapped originally because I was supposed to be at a meeting on Tuesday)
Raw 2xbarx8, 135×5, 235×5, 275×3, Super Ram 2x315x5, Reverse Bands 405×5, 455×3, 495×2, Reverse Bands and Super Ram 525×1, 545×1, 565×1, 585×1; Hammer Rows 135×12, 225×10, 315×8, 405×6; Preacher Shoulder Raises 2x25x12; Triceps pushdowns 3x140x20

12/11/12 – Box Squats
Raw 2xbarx8, 135×5, 225×5, 315×3, briefs 405×3, 2x455x2, briefs and reverse bands 495×3, 545×3, 585×2, 635×1, 655×1, 675×2 and x1. Stopped here as I have deadlifts on 12/12/12.


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