Exhausted in South Carolina

Exhausted in South Carolina

Sep 25, 2012

This time I ended up in Charleston, SC, arriving at midnight on Sept. 23rd and leaving by noon on Sept. 25th with a class on electric motor forensics for the steel industry (AIST – American Institute of Steel Technology) maintenance managers. There were other events involved, as well, from early morning until about 6:30pm. A new air conditioning system in the hotel kept me up and it was extremely efficient – drank lots of fluids and was still dry – same thing in the classrooms. Determined the best way to avoid injury about 7 weeks out from WPC Worlds and 4 weeks out from my first equipped meet, was to avoid finding a gym in this situation and stick to a bands workout in the hotel room.

IMG 1957
(At the O’Hare Airport sporting one of the Iron Authority Beast t-shirts)

As I have mentioned in previous posts I carry a set of bands with me for just this occasion. As I had a much smaller bag than usual I had a light (red) and monster band. Worked shoulders, back, pecs, triceps and biceps for 3 sets of 10 with 10 second pauses at full extension (maximum tension). We did squats on Saturday and I will be working supplemental arms and back tonight (Tuesday) a few days rest doesn’t hurt. Plans for the rest of the week: Tuesday – supplemental, Wednesday – raw deadlifts and supplemental, Thursday – off (get caught up on work), Friday – Raw bench to planned 2nd attempt, switch to shirt and practice opener and second to touch.

Presently working on sponsorships for the October 20th Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress push-pull event where we will be raising money for the Autism Society of Illinois (ASI) (http://www.autismillinois.org). I plan on going in ‘equipped’ – in this case bench shirt and will actually be doing the deadlift raw – I am hoping for a deadlift PR and want to see how I perform before Worlds as I have made ~50lb jump in about a month in my gym PR.


For WPC Worlds I am doing a Pennies for Pounds fundraiser also for the ASI. Information can be found on the ASI site linked above.

Next week I will be traveling up to Fort McMurray, Alberta – and, folks, that’s where the roads end heading North in Alberta, where I am looking into one of the powerlifting gyms there for training. I expect that I will get in one or two workouts while I am there. Travel time both directions for that event, where I will be doing a technical presentation on one day and keynoting an industrial maintenance event talking about my powerlifting experiences, will be 5 hours in the air plus layovers!

The invitation to keynote this industry event is not that unusual for what I do for a living and I am a ‘personality’ in that industry. However, this is the first time I have been asked to speak as a sports figure! It appears that a few reliability and maintenance industry magazines have been following my antics and have been reporting on them. I have to say – pretty darned cool and very humbling! This is actually one of two keynotes on this topic I have been asked to present in Canada. I am hoping that it is inspirational and that I do our sport justice! We’ll see! 🙂


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