Expanding 2XL Powerlifting and IronAuthority

Expanding 2XL Powerlifting and IronAuthority

Aug 10, 2016

It was 2 years ago that we officially opened 2XL Powerlifting LLC in Lombard, Illinois.  It was a great venture – and a little stressful.  The main concept was to simply have a place to train and we landed a great space in one of the largest malls in the Chicagoland area.


http://ironauthority.com/building-a-gym-and-competing/ for the article from when we built out the original 2XL.

As we know, there was a little downtime with IronAuthority, so what was missed was the expansion of meets being held and hosted by 2XL and Team Stone, Eric Stone (one of the partners, the other is Joe Atef), and an explosion of lifters into the powerlifting scene!  With the closest large clubs being about 20 miles in any direction, and multiple commercial gyms being within a few miles of our location, yeah, we were conservative.  The original gym was ~3400 sqft.

What caught us off guard was that we exceeded the planned 20-25 members pretty quickly and started bumping into each other as our platforms were quickly growing to a dozen or more each during a session.  Personal training has also been going exceedingly well with both Eric Stone’s and Joe Atef’s clients doing extremely well in general fitness and even landing a few golds in local competitions.

Over the past year my businesses have also expanded and both Brady Stewart and I came to an agreement in order to get IronAuthority back online.  That, and I needed my dining room back (and living room, and bedroom closet, and hall closet, and….).

Eric, Joe and I looked a few doors down to a former Lands End that had been later trashed by a ‘haunted house’ group that had moved in.  It sports almost 11,000 sqft with a number of additional features, which also include offices and storage for MotorDoc LLC and IronAuthority.com, including equipment and an employee or two.

Here is a FaceBook Live tour of the new facility just before we get into construction:

We will keep everyone up to date on the progress.  Expected opening date will be September 1 with the IronAuthority online store following immediately after.


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