Fall is Beautiful. Favorite Season BY FAR!

Fall is Beautiful.  Favorite Season BY FAR!

Oct 13, 2013

Well – while I may not be able to lift, I’m going to try to keep ACTIVE!

So, we joined a volleyball league.  Every Tuesday night, we play volleyball for an hour or so.  It’s so much fun, it’s a great cardio workout, and it’s safe for me to do!  We play with some friends of ours so it serves double duty for me!  Workout + social time!  We are not good.  We’ve lost the first 2 nights that we’ve played, but we still have a good time with it!  We are losing a lot better, if that makes any sense.  We are playing better and getting used to playing with each other!

Also, today I had to go get groceries.  So, HyVee in Waverly is 1.45 miles from my house.  SO – I hopped on my bike and headed south.  It is basically completely uphill there and downhill home.  The uphill was fun – hahaha!  The legs were burning!  Then, on the way home, I had a pile of groceries to have in the basket and had one bag on my arm.  I was glad it was downhill, because it would have been a pretty tough ride otherwise.  Luckily, it went smoothly and I made it home.  Almost 3 miles total!



When I got home, Boulder (my dog child) was freaking out because I didn’t take him with me on my ride.  I figured I was on a roll and I might as well head out for a walk.  I knew for sure he would want to go with me and so we took off to a park in town.  The walk total was 1 mile.  I found this really cool website (if you don’t use mapmyrun.com) that can tell you the distance just by clicking around.  http://geodistance.com/ is where I went.  Pretty neat!


My bike ride and my walk burned 340 calories in about an hour!  It’s easily what I was hitting while lifting.  That made me feel great! Knowing that I can hit the same calorie goals while not lifting is a great for me.  I think this is going to be my new plan.  Riding 3 miles – outside or on a stationary bike – and walking at least a mile at least once a week.  I’m going to try to make it every night.  I know winter is coming, but I can always treadmill it or use the stepper instead.  Either way, I need to start doing something.  I’ve taken off two weeks now and it’s making me crazy!  I also have noticed that my eating habits SUCK when I am not working out.  I have a lot more drive to eat right when I’m working out. 😀

Lastly, if you’re in Iowa and you haven’t been outside tonight – GET OUTSIDE!!  It’s gorgeous.



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  1. Fall is great! The pictures look great! I am glad you are staying positive and still remaining active. Its good for the soul.

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