Final Preparation Coaching into 2013 APF/AAPF Raw Challenge

Final Preparation Coaching into 2013 APF/AAPF Raw Challenge

Dec 5, 2013

Just a few more days.  I have two first-time impatient athletes complaining that they are not in the gym right now.

Yeah, I remember my first meet.  The complaint I heard tonight was, “I’m feeling weaker.”

I had to explain that in powerlifting the week before a meet is when your body is healing.  No – DO NOT do aerobic exercise no matter what the ‘personal trainer’ says.  We need to avoid injuries!

Sunday morning at 9am CST the meet starts with bench only (raw) followed by four flights of full power (all raw).  APF/AAPF rules call for no knee wraps in raw – only wrist wraps and belt.  There will be a live broadcast:

Highlights and video will be posted following the meet.

In the meantime, I have been on the road to recovery still.  On Friday, Dec. 6, I meet with the doctor to discuss the condition of the tendon and what the next steps are.  I am hoping for good news as I work up my bench.

Monday was the last reverse band day – headphones and loud music to avoid interruptions.

  • strong band bench bar x 8, 135 x 5, 225 x 3
  • Super Ram 315×2
  • Reverse band 405×3, 455×2, 495×2, 545×1, 575×1, 595×1, 605×1
  • Crunches until my stomach cramped (100 reps crunch machine set for 100lbs)
  • Tricep pulldowns

Wednesday was back, shoulder and arm accessory work.

  • Wide Rows, deep bar – 3x205x6
  • Pulldowns, wide grip – 3x140x16
  • Narrow Rows – 3x160x12
  • Shoulders – cross raises – 3x40x16
  • Face pulls – 3x20x55
  • Curls – 3x80x20
  • Assorted tricep and curl machines

Wednesday also included exercise bike for 15 minutes to keep knee in motion (a lot of sitting this week).


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