Final Session in Umag Croatia and Travel Tips

Final Session in Umag Croatia and Travel Tips

Aug 27, 2012

There is little that should hold you back in your training when you travel. Sure, most likely your training partners are not with you or you may not have access to extraordinary amounts of weight such that you cannot accomplish that good old gym pr.

When I travel for work or pleasure I have made it my mission to find at least one gym to visit. If I cannot, hopefully the hotel has either free weight, cables or machines. It is a good idea to call ahead but do not rely upon a description from the hotel – ask for a picture! Use Facebook and other internet options to check out local gyms and build a network of powerlifters to check ahead.

IMG 1774

(Above)Small Inn in Groznjan, Croatia, During This Trip – Town is Full of Artists. Got a lot of attention because I ordered (below) instead of salad.

IMG 1771

Another trick I use is to carry a set of bands. With these I can do some light shoulder work, form and assistance work. There are a number of methods to perform these routines that can be found. I will try to cover a few in future articles. I use bands for leg and hip work, ab work, good mornings, bench movements, shoulders, and much, much more.

If I am traveling for more than a few days I make a little room in my travel gear and also pack:

1. A light belt – I take a ‘light’ lever belt as my PR Belt is much heavier.

2. Wrist wraps (I take 80cm Metal wraps), stiff, to cover bench and squat work.

3. One each of red (light), monster, and orange EliteFTS bands.

I have been competing raw, but now that I am getting into equipped lifting things should get a little more interesting. I am working on a hard case to carry my gear for travel when I am in the final stages of preparing for competition. For the most part, expect that travel training will be raw. I will also bring a Titan Super Ram with me to work bench while I am training which provides some assistance for overload during equipped training cycles. It also helps in recovery, such as my present elbow issue mentioned in the last article.

One thing that is a true challenge when training and traveling is the PR. It is difficult to make gains when you are constantly adjusting to new equipment and your training schedule is erratic I have come to terms with that and use my time at home with my training partners pushing harder and overloading and use my travel time recovering and doing assistance/volume work.

IMG 1732

Last training day at Umag Gym:

– Walk to gym direct: 30 minutes. Longer due to storm that knocked down trees and flooded roadways overnight.

– Bench: Still not into the odd shape of the bench, the deep hooks and stiff bar, and my left elbow is still suffering, so held back: barx8 and bands warm-up; 145×5; 195×5; 235×5; 285×3. With Super Ram: 325×3; 355×2; 375×1. Elbow stiff and sore. Could not lock out so super ram took tension off allowing a heavier workout.

– Deadlift: 145×6; 235×5; 325×3; 375×3; 415×1; 445×1. Purpose was to provide overall stress on my body as I have a four day stretch before my next training in Zagreb. Unfortunately, my efforts to set up a session at a gym in Belgrade, Serbia, where we will be the next several days, did not come through. Squats and leg press on Saturday helped. Deadlift was equivalent to a 1+ inch deficit lift as the metric bars at this gym are smaller in diameter than USA 45lb standard weights.

– 2 sets of 20 pull-downs, wide, overhand grip, at 60kg

– 2 sets of 15 face-pulls at 25kg

– Light shoulder and tricep work

– Band crunches front and sides

– 1 hour return walk along the beach


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