Mar 21, 2013

Since I have a competition on Saturday, I went in and did my final training session.  It went very well.  All too often when the guys in our club deload leading up to a competition they feel like things are slow and sluggish.  I believe that this is a psychological phenomenon.  Our last training day isn’t really over 65%.  65% weights should be moved normally and easily.  When you are a few days out, it isn’t the time for speed work, but quality repetitions.  Psychologically I think that most people who lift light the week of the meet subconsciously just go through the motions because they aren’t ‘going for it’ and its designed as an easy day.  I say FUNK DAT!  Never get sloppy, always stay motivated and precise.  Treat all reps with as much respect as a near max attempt.  This will help make your contest week lifts feel crisp and easier.

I HATE SPEED WORK IN GENERAL.  I may have to write an article or blog post about this.

CG Bench Press
375 x2x5 @0…didn’t even feel my exertion meter kick on…

WG Bench Press
365 x10 @6?  Felt like I could have done 20

Pulldowns 200 x2x12

Military Press 50s x2x15

Rotators x20

Stuck around and met a new member of the BWC.



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One comment

  1. I agree, I’ve been hurt with warm up weight because I didn’t treat it with respect. Good luck bro.

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