Final Stretch – WPC Worlds A Few Days Away

Final Stretch – WPC Worlds A Few Days Away

Nov 1, 2012

I will start out the WPC World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas in Raw Bench Pressing and then Thursday, November 8, 2012, for full powerlifting. Yes, it is a lot. However, it is the type of back to back work I have been training for – I think. The key is that you need to know yourself and experiment, experiment, experiment.


2011 Mentally Preparing for My Final Deadlift of my First Competition in 15 Years – Smashed it.

This week, following the truck pull last Saturday, I did supplemental bench work on Monday. Low reps, low volume, to opener without a liftoff (commercial gym) a day off then deadlift last night to opener with very light support work. The challenge was several urgent matters related to business and professional societies resulted in numerous emails and phone calls during training. Normally I would wait and return calls and emails after, but it was not one of those evenings.

I’m sure many of us have had these – interruptions and distractions that are necessary, even those that are unnecessary, during training. The key is how fast you can get back into your game. For me, the result was my opening weight moved extremely slow but did not hitch and I locked out. I realized that I had lost form and concentration when a message beeped.

What I have done in order to deal with chaos when training is learn how to put myself into a relaxed state immediately before the lift and blocking out all distractions during the actual lift. Can you do this? Have you practiced concentration and focus during chaos? What happens if there is a distraction during competition – can you do it?

I don’t care what people say, meditating and clearing your mind can be just as difficult as a 1000lb squat. There are a few people that can do it instantly and they literally have to practice to do it. There are those where it comes relatively natural. But for most, practice, practice, practice.

I have found putting myself into a relaxed, clear state of mind right before a lift, instead of digging for anger or pain, produces far better results. Some may find this different, but walking into a position, closing my eyes briefly, looking deep inside, visualizing the lift, blocking out all sound and distraction, thinking only and completely of the motion, and in a few seconds I am ready to go.

When I find my day is crushing in and things are getting a little stressful, I perform the same steps. I don’t ‘count to 10’ or any of that crap. I just stop, get to a quiet place (bathroom, lunchroom, office, or somewhere where you can get away) and perform the same steps I take before the lift. A deep, relaxed state of mind is important for normal, day to day issues or an aggressive personality can begin to see large problems where only small distractions exist.

Get perspective – then crush the weight!

Last bench day on Friday, last squat day on Saturday – then time to make the journey! Five days to first lift!


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