First bench workout for nationals.

First bench workout for nationals.

Jun 25, 2013

This was first workout for Bench Nats in Atlanta August 17. My approach is raw. My bench has gotten stronger by giving raw more time. I know the groove of my gear so I don’t spend lots of time needing to learn it. However you do need to train with a shirt to know where you are at. Short changing yourself in a meet can be the difference between 2 placings so you need a barometer. I was excited going into this cycle because my offseason was excellent. So let’s get started.

I have 6 workouts till nats. 5,3,3,3,2,opener is the order(this weekly representation). This goes for raw. The shirt gets a different focus not so much about reps in a set but reps overall.(including boards)

For those who like pics or video:



335 5 reps

385 4 reps

395   3 reps

365  6 reps

Lockouts about 7-8 inches off the chest starting point

335 5 reps

385 5 reps

415 5 reps


275  5 reps

295 3 reps

I was tired at the end and actually had a moment where 295 I thought wasn’t going up. Next week maybe throw couple of shirt sets in. Big thanks to Sam E for the spots!

Till then Focus First.


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