First Day of WPC Worlds – Raw Bench

First Day of WPC Worlds – Raw Bench

Nov 7, 2012

One hundred fifty-eight lifters, 30 of them female, made up the Masters, Women, Juniors, Teens and open bench day at 2012 WPC World Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships. Two stages, 11 total flights across both stages, well organized, outstanding judging, great spotting… what else? Team USA and Team Russia held the day in medals with strong showing from representatives of 27 countries. Through this Sunday there will be well over 700 lifters from these countries competing!

IMG 2094

IMG 2095

Today (November 7, 2012) will be the equipped bench day which should be quite exciting with a quite a few famous names such as Scot Mendelson (USA) and upcoming champions such as Darilynn Doddy (USA) and Heather Davidson (Australia), amongst many others!

Waiting for spotters to load the bar

I managed to take silver in my category in spite of missing two of my lifts over dumb mistakes. That I will cover next week when I go through some lessons learned – not just at the meet, but leading up to it. It has been a strong reminder that we are competing more with ourselves than with other powerlifters.


End numbers – 150kg good; 160kg beat the ‘press’ call; 167.5kg ran out of gas on an easy light weight (not fueling leading up to the meet due to weight, flying in the night before, still dieting for Thursday, other things we will cover next week). But that was yesterday, preparing for tomorrow now.


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