First Time Conventional Deadlifts – EVER

First Time Conventional Deadlifts – EVER

Aug 21, 2014

I’m almost embarrassed to post the video of my first ever… and I mean ever… conventional deadlifts.  Yes, they are ugly, far away from my body, knees pointed out funny and all kinds of other mistakes.  But, hey, I teach people how to do it right – it can’t be that hard…

OK, I may have done these like 15 years (and 100 lbs) ago before I converted to sumo deadlifting when I returned to the sport.  Sumo made sense, my quads were strong as hell and I have a huge counter-weight (read ‘belly’) that causes some trouble when I get down and bend forward.  The problem is that with my knee injury, and the changes it has caused, the left quads are not as strong as they used to be and the leg fires differently.  I was struggling with 315lbs as the leg would go perfectly straight.  Yes, some of it is a mental thing.

Following the Ernie Frantz Deadlift Clinic held on August 16, 2014, we decided to see what would happen if I switched to conventional.  The objective was to first see how it would feel and, if it was successful, start working on form the next deadlift training day.  My post-injury PR for sumo deadlift was 2 reps at 315lbs (sloppier when I tried more).  With conventional I hit 365 for two sets of two even with the weight hanging WAAAYYY out and my knees pushing into my forearms at the bottom (yeah, I gotta do something about that).

Most of the issue is confidence.

This was followed by rack pulls, back work, shoulder work and a pat on the head.  Next week we start working form….. and that will be a lot of work.  The plan is to stay in this weight range, which felt very light, then work to see if we can break my 511lb sumo barrier raw (511 was equipped).

During the same training session, teammate Alex Vallejo worked bands for the first time in a few years.  I do have to say, the new platform with fixed band pegs has made a HUGE difference in this type of training.


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